Does anyone else when they see the word belief consider how the sentence could be read in a number of ways?

I know that I engage in a kind of disambiguation with words most of the time, considering how someone could be using the words and why and that there could be no agreement about what basic terms mean.

For instance is someone using a word in a prejorative sense, seeking to try to use it objectively or find a common meaning or what.

When I read the word belief I understand that it could mean a question about existence or reality but it could also mean trust or confidence or fidelity. For instance if someone asked you did you believe in your father or mother or partner or friends it is different from saying do you believe in God or America or Denmark.

Yet I think those questions do exist and are important, I know someone for instance who considers that God exists but does not believe in God as in have confidence or trust in God. That might sound like there is no fidelity or love of God but this would not be to represent his thinking properly.

Anyway, does anyone else think about this or that it is important?