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    I think that church offers a sense of community and belonging for people, just like any other organized group. That's why I think a lot of older people go- their families are grown, their friends are dying. It's a way to reach out and make new connections, (as they have done their whole life, except they can't do as much of the physical activity, and they are closer to the afterlife in age......) I've never thought of public worship as being spiritual at all. That's just the "reason" they get together. I'm not saying anything about their personal relationship with God(s) or the universe- I'm sure many worshippers still have that, I just don't know if church is the place for it- (church is like the place for socializing and bonding over a common theme- belief system.) Or at least I just can't see/ understand it. Everyone needs a way to understand how life and the afterlife works. For some people, it may be by worshiping a higher power in groups.

    (Oh, and for the record, socializing within organized groups says Fe to me/ gives me an Fe vibe. I know I may get crucified for that statement- no pun intended, but I had to say it. )
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    Really? That is very interesting!
    Indeed - here's more info:

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