the first reminds me of when i was first learning about islam... which means "submission". there are many parallels between that viewpoint of the religion and your first paragraph.

and yes, the same coin. i think that all things are reciprocal relationships and work best when there is balance and equality in give and take. sometimes it is better to be slave and sometimes to be master. and more often, neither, or both. if we are aware of both sides and both give where we can and take when we need, we can create positive synergy. i believe the universe is structured such that we are all meant to be a part of one Wholeness and we work best when together, each playing our own individual part in the great dance of life. this is true in all relationships, i think. we give of ourselves what we can and we get back when we cannot give. we were once stardust and will return to being stardust: we will play all roles and hence can never truly choose a single part to play. there is a certain magic to it.