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    Default Religious atheists?

    Are there any religious athiests on the forum or does anyone know of any? By this I mean anyone who professes to believe or follow a religion or religious disciplines but who does not believe in God or an afterlife?

    NB for the purposes of this thread reincarnation or an "afterlife" which is just void or some sort of cosmological nothingness are not what I mean when I mention afterlife.
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    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

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    I don't believe in god as he has been presented to me by religion. In that sense I'm an atheist.
    I do believe certain goals, or outcomes, that have to have, as far as I'm aware, an explaination that is what I would call "equivalent to" what most religions, I think, teach, albeit, extremely innefeciently. In that sense I'm I don't doubt the truth of it...but it still takes faith to believe it..particularly from day to day.
    But..I also believe that, fundamentally, perhaps subconsconsciously, every person (and perhaps thing..) has this faith...and utilizes it constantly..with or without their knowledge. I'm not sure there exists such a thing as a "faithless" perhaps that renders the whole "religious" question, for me at least, irrelevant. I know in my professional life, I treat it as such...perhaps to the detriment of more "god inspired" beliefs...

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    I consider myself to be a secular humanist

    I consider it to be basically a religion, or an identity of some profound importance to my belief structure

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    oxymorons gone awry. i tell you what - its 2011 and most of the forum members are American; what small hick town do you have to live in to play worshiper on sundays when you don't give a damn what jesus would do on anyday, much less monday when you're driving pass a homeless man who looks like him with a sign saying he only has "6 toes and needs cash"?
    Oh, its

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    I'm an atheist and I attend church at least twice a year. It averages out to around six times. I volunteer weekly with an organization loosely associated with the church I sporadically attend. I mumble my way through all the sacred oaths the same way I did when I was a believer. I'm aware of the hypocrisy involved. My ideal partner would be of this denomination but hopefully a non-believer (but this is an ideal and definitely not a deal-breaker).

    I don't know if loose adherence to a church counts as being religious. I like the bad coffee and the people-watching and the music. I like looking around while everyone is praying. I like seeing old married couples all dressed up. Usually the sermons kind of piss me off, but looking at stained glass is fun.
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    I'm not an atheist (I'm Christian, and as I am an N type, I go with my gut feeling for this), but I do have a question for atheists: what is your opinion on religions that have no gods, such as Buddhism, and which do you think are more illogical: monotheistic religions or polytheistic religions? Also, does anyone watch TheAmazingAtheist on Youtube? While I'm (once again) not an atheist and (economically) conservative (so I disagree with his extremely liberal views), I watch his videos because I like hearing the other side's opinion on any topic, I'm able to laugh at myself (and him when he's being so ignorant), and because he's funny in general.

    As for answering the question of the thread, I'm the complete opposite. I believe in God, but I'm not very religious. I don't like going to church on Sundays (which we barely do anyway), but that's mainly because I've put off doing all of my homework until then and I don't want to waste time going anywhere. I do enjoy going there on holidays such as on Christmas Eve and Easter (mainly just Christmas Eve), because I like having traditions. But yeah, I believe in God, though I dislike organized religion (and as I said, I'm economically conservative, but socially liberal, or libertarian. I don't like it how social conservatives or authoritarians try to make laws based off of religion - what if we had a government with a majority of people being part of a religion other than Christianity? I bet you wouldn't like laws to be based on religion then!).

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    I believe, on faith, the inherit value of goodness, decency, integrity, empathy, and compassion. I hold and regard these ideals vary seriously and with the same degree of conviction that many believers hold to their own faith.

    If that make makes me religious or even a god-believer, then so be it
    "The man who is swimming against the stream knows the strength of it."
    ― Woodrow Wilson

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    I think that if I were an atheist I would not be at all religious; I would probably be an existentialist/nihilist. Actually, probably a nihilist with existentialist tendencies. If we're going with religious atheism I might at best be a Theravada Buddhist since the essential goal, or at least end result, of Buddhism is to get out of suffering

    I would guess that the larges category of religious atheism in the United States, though, is probably Secular Humanism. We probably have a few of those on board; Beargryllz obviously is and Matt_s and tinker683 seem to follow that line of belief as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tinker683 View Post
    I believe, on faith, the inherit value of goodness [...]
    You mean you believe that goodness is good?

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    I know a few people who don't believe in god but attend religious ceremonies several times a year (catholic, jewish). I don't think that really counts as religious, though.
    -end of thread-

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