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    It's an individualistic world, but ironically social networks have never been as prominent as they are today.

    Walk up to people. Make an effort to keep in touch with them. Give a little here and there. I think that the best way to make our lives closer to others is by giving and accepting others as they are.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nightning View Post
    There is self in collectivist thought... self being part of a group. I come from a collectivistic culture. The emphasis has always been to think about what you can do for the group. Collectivism isn't Hive Mind...
    Okay, fair point.

    Please comment on this contradiction. What are you trying to say?
    That's not a contradiction. When I refer to "individualism", I'm not talking about people's self-expression or who they communicate with and in what manner. I'm talking about how people have become more reliant on themselves, because they can. Think about it: when you walk into a shop, and buy a new suit or dress, you don't give a shit about the person on the till; they're simply there to serve you as their customer (they, too, do not care about you). Go back thousands of years, and to get your clothes, you had to skin it off a deer's back. Your friend kills it, and you skin it. It's a bonding experience. Walking into a shop and making a business transaction is in no way bonding. And it doesn't need to be. Because we have everything we need right here.

    Interpersonality over time is definitely an interesting idea (for example, where once you looked your opponent in the eye, and battles were honour bound and you 'collected the dead', you now laugh at this concept of warfare), but it's for another topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kiddo View Post
    Capitalism is about resources, not just money. Land is a resource.
    Yes, but "capitalism" as such is about money, regardless of further motives. It relates to "capital" which finds its concept in money. Okay, I'll accept your point about the exploitation of various societies having an affect on the capitalism of a country, but that is not capitalism in itself; rape, pillage and burn does not equal capitalism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ezra View Post
    I've noticed that over time, people are becoming more and more individualistic. At the "beginning of time", humans were completely communistic; their loyalties lay with the tribe etc. And now look at us. We are individual because we can afford to be. It's no longer an issue that we have to look after one another, because society does that for us, people think. Our government is there to protect us only, people think. Is this the right or wrong way to live and think?
    I don't really think that's the case. I always assumed people started off looking out for themselves mostly, then eventually learned to cooperate in primitive tribes, and eventually became civilized enough to create towns, then city-states, militias, and the rest is history.

    I think that we're reaching a point where individual expression within society is more acceptable, and that's a good thing. The question is, how far can this be taken without having things collapse? How much do people have to share and accept (regardless of whether they want to) in order to get along? Ideally, we should only have to share basic beliefs at the social contract level.

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