Z: What's your given life enhancing zeal or life mission in life? What are enemies of having zeal in our lifetime? WHAT IS FLOW AND HOW DO WE TAP INTO AND ENTER FLOW?

What is your gift? Have you found your own unique Gift, what is it as well barriers to actualize and ignite the gift? How do goals interrelate with having zeal? What gives you meaning? What is the passion and love in your life that makes life worth living? What gives urgency and Purpose in your lifetime?

“I believe each of us has a gift. Doing this gift, one achieves a sense of happiness as well as utter timelessness. Finding one's gift will allow the spirit the freedom to soar. This is what life is

Find your gift and thus you find yourself. Doing your gift benefitting the world upon which we live on called earth. Reaching a heightened state of consciousness called flow. For each of us are interrelated with every other life form. Combining our gifts can also produce the added benefit of a byproduct called synergy or the synergism of which the sum is greater than the parts.

This experience is as rapture, which is beyond heavenly words to describe. Only for one moment do we feel like we have experienced a little slice of heaven on earth. It is confounding as it is in effect beyond description.

I believe we have a special gift. I believe if we followed it we would be more complete, and whole as well as more fully healed in all our areas of life. I feel that we get too many messages that conflict with our inner self that is in need of discovering. False desire then comes into play.

It is a false desire of expectations put on us. Somehow, we have to realize this inner voice and be true to it. Thus, we become fulfilled, happy, and content.” I have stated that under the Myers Briggs Typology index, there are 16 different sub types of humans, which see the world differently. To many times our parents wish us to be a clone of them. This never allows us to be true to our inner core nor allow ourselves to find our true inner self.

Thus suffering a whole lifetime living up to ideals that are not ours, but those planted in us by parents as well as the conflicting messages of society. We are not allowed to come into our own, nor have a vision quest of self-discovery.

I shall share, it is a belief any sharing, feeling, deep thought, abstraction based sharing or a sharing of experiences helps to fortify spirit de corps. It is profound. It is no mistaking it. I said endorphins were arising.

It is how I feel at times when I write. It is as if tapping into a universal well filled brimming with wise sayings. They come unbidden to me. I am in flow. I certainly feel creative. An ecstasy if you will. Yes, a deep true sharing feels deep richness. As such it adds spice to life.

‎> we must believe in ourselves. Thus, it is a tragedy of human potential for each of us is special, has a talent and a gift to help humanity. There is so much to fight for and we must follow both our hearts and destinies.

We as a human species seem to have a built in mechanism to "actualize “our self. That is to be the best that we can be at whatever our "gift" is, or special talent. The trick is to find that "hidden seed", that special uniqueness about our self.

The next hurdle is get past lesser distractions that can impede our growth. These distractions are anything in life that occupies a lot of our time but is not an activity where one achieves "a state of FLOW". A state of flow is felt as "timelessness", and is a bit of "heaven" on earth.

Each has this primordial gift in his or her self. One must nurture the truer part in self. In only the way of following the path can a being bring out an authentic and humane, human personality. We all have individual capacities. Each is without saying, unique. Our uniqueness must have nourishment and not be denigrated. This to say first quest for the gift, then don't let go.

In a way this shall nurture self-esteem, a self-concept, and help to enforce an individual’s place in the universe will and would be understood. There isn't a doubt each possesses a remarkable, and also special gift inside.

I have been told I have a gift in insight, both in myself and of others hidden motives. It is a wonderful gift, but it does not change the world, but passion surely has a capacity to do so. This is to say affect changes and make a profound difference of our lives.

It is a process of a seemingly paradigm shift, changing the consciousness that we can behold. We will then have a possibility of seeing reality with fresh eyes and a purer mind & consciousness. I don't know if everyone's experienced this phenomenon. It could also be called runners high.

It also is what the (psychologist) Maslow called "peak experiences" I can get it running and feeling free, immortal, and young! I can get it by writing and getting it in a rhythm and "flow".

One can get it feeling in love and can't wait to see and hear a beloved! The point is that it seems to be a human experience. Generally it is very positive and creative. It is what I pursue instead of the mind numbing triviality that the advertisers want you to see and be almost hypnotized.

It is a choice. The point is that this wonderful feeling is open to all of us in different pursuits. It is "heaven on earth". It is the stuff of life itself. Everyone has a choice to taste this wonderful nectar.

It is admittedly getting high whilst in a state of flow. We are all built differently. I remember in a class the teacher asked the class if any of us experience light bulb moments of intuition. I said yes. I receive these rushes daily and am truly appreciative.

It is a gift. For you to possess that rare talent of an introspective soul is as a gift as well birthright. I treasure it and it helps me keep me on my path, both in knowledge as well in addition love. There must be a balance for the wisdom to shine.

>>>My own dance is a dance and flow with words as well of communication. If and when i connect with a being, i dance and in tune myself to their aura as well the energy pattern which they possess. We then become as one, and each loses him or her into another: so that with synergetic energy we do become somewhat fuller and of a magnitude that defies the mere 1 + 1= 2. No for we are more. Thus the sum is greater than the parts.

So, I absolutely love it, a magical flow and ecstasy with the entire universe. To get there i at a few times will use a quote. See, it is a key to an under conscious, and as well to the greater force, which happens being universal energy and It helps to open doors of mind and perception.

To me the quotes are a key to our own inner wisdom. They are the spark so to speak. Words are so hard to come by that adequately express a profound truth. When a person gets in a state of flow and is connected, it is like magic, to this divine spark, universal consciousness. Then the words flow like a magical and mystical stream from the unconscious depths of our soul on to the surface, to capture a profound truth that can help inspire future generations.

I believe all have gifts. If they are allowed to become in essence and manifest in our lives, we will be happy, content, have good self-esteem and understand our place in our universe. Parents do not understand this entirely. They project their expectation, which is unfair, we are as a seedling and if allowed coming into our own being shall grow straight as well strong to our sun such as a mighty, mighty tree.

But parents, media, society give too many messages of what we are supposed to be doing that it is hard to find our own essence. If we do find this magnificent part in ourselves we shall indeed be very happy. We must use our gift, live it, and breathe and come to the being we were meant to become.

Also forgiveness is very hard. I will say I've learned proper boundaries with father. I shall set him straight if he chooses to be domineering. I do communicate with dad, but it isn't pleasant for me. See, my emotions are such as anxiety and he complains. It is toxic to my being, my essence and all that I stand for. But i do have an intelligent, cordial, polite relationship with my father." LightSun