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    Default F :Free Will And Destiny

    "Forgiveness, I believe is to be some aspect in healing. For the more i understand myself, reveal of myself, am open, honest and compassionate the more forgiving i can become. Words as well negative energy influence in our young upbringing, may have an effect for an entire lifetime. Some people don't understand. This is not being negative in any way, it is just a learned truism I’ve seen of myself, siblings, and seeing clients with a whole host of mental illness, criminality, as well all manner of substance abuse as well alcohol problems.

    It is said that we have free will, i say its balance. Half is us and all the choices we make. Another half is genetics as well interplay of our upbringing in the formative years. It’s really like a spiritual cancer. I have another theory. This is saying pain we feel today, is a manifestation of the unresolved pain that was manifest during childhood. It is as if we suffer from some ghostly manifest pain that never healed, much like a broken bone that was never set properly. In a most ideal of circumstances, one child would have 24 hour nurturance.

    I call upon some paradigm shift of how we choose raising our children. In this way, if a child cried or had a behavioral issue, it could be addressed by some trained professional. Whatever the issue would be could be clarified and utmost of reason used. This would be more valuable than the philosophy of "Spare the rod, and spoil the child." Now all of this takes time. Time parents don't have in this busy hectic world searching for the illusions of this world rather to focus on making a happy and well-adjusted society.

    Parents will lash out, for it is easier as well reactive, faster, untrained and ignorant rather than taking a proactive road which will yield greater returns in the long run. All of this will limit crime, substance abuse, misery, all needless suffering and mental illness. The long range way of doing all this reactive upbringing of the children is societal hare Kari. In spite of all this; move forward, always with the Star of Destiny in your Path to lead you on your way, to what you are capable of. “We must be self-reliant. A belief in a higher power helps but ultimately I believe we are masters of our own fate.

    I like a future. i want fervently for a chance of possibilities of the human consciousness and as well heart, and brain. We are so gifted. The human race really is a tragedy, but it has the makings of a glorious future, if we but dare to dream and to believe in ourselves as well each other. This is a culprit, we judge, never truly understanding what is in the other person’s heart. If we could only begin to understand, this is why I am in the field of psychology to understand, and to fix.

    We can determine our destinies based on our determination, will power, and fortitude as well an undying belief in ourselves. Nothing can stop us from marching forward into the future and meeting our destiny. The destiny of who we were destined to be and become. A belief in a higher power helps, but ultimately we must rely on ourselves.

    For I want a future for our unborn children and god help me I will do everything in my power to make it so. I want to give them a rainbow but also reality. We do not know how to think as incredulously as that may sound, for we were never taught. It is a fine new science and a bright frontier, a frontier of possibilities, and becoming that which we were destined.” LightSun
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