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    Ah there seems to be a bit of miscommunication here, I meant the initial industrial revolution, not the industrial age that followed the act and the social implications of that. While the Far East did obviously have its own industrial revolution its sort of like western countries were beta testers and had to deal with all the impact and fallout that follows. The rest of the world had a far more refined product to deal with. Stretching my generalisations to encompass the whole world would of course like most generalisations render them inert.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    No, I don't think that's it. Traditional Asian culture would have people caring for their parents in a very strict compulsory way, and far East Asians can live to be pretty damn old. Not only that, but people take care of their elderly in places like Mexico, which is a developing country, it's not even some big flashy first world nation with all kinds of excellent medical care and nutrition giving people longer lives. My math professor had lived in the U.S. for 14 years when I took his class several years ago and he STILL sent his mother money in Russia. My ENTJ friend from Russia expressed to me the same desire to be sure his parents were well taken care of, how this was on the top of his list of priorities in life.
    Culturally México is the product of Spain and Aztec correct? Spain wasn’t really a part of the revolution mainly due to the inquisition destroying the merchant/banking class in Spain and setting into play a domino effect that would lead to Spain losing most of its power in the next hundred years or so, which in turn lead to the South American colonies gaining their independence.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post you know, all those nations in Western Europe that aren't the U.K. that have better social programs and less grasping, mercenary attitudes toward money.
    My comments were observations of past events and there possible implications on the society since then, not opinions on the state of either the UK or USA governments.

    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    Yes, I do think there's a newness to it, because even in the U.S. you see traces of this devotion to taking care of each other in the South still, very much so. My family is very much like that, I watched my relatives take care of my older relatives, and my mother and uncle care for my grandfather.
    Okay, but I say this as a non American, isn’t the South an agrarian based society, the very image conjures up fields of corn and cotton? Whereas the North, has the manufacturing and industry capitals in your country? I believe it was one of the reasons for your Civil War?

    Quote Originally Posted by Marmie Dearest View Post
    It's a bunch of crap. More people live alone than they ever have before, there's more loneliness, isolation, and's not just about parents and old people. It's a fucking cultural disease.

    And the pinnacle of it seems to be anarcho-capitalism, which in my estimation nothing less than a nightmare which will take this country even further into decline. I think it would cause this country to FALL.
    Hmmm I think I have missed the point of this thread I sort of jumped to the points that interested me an ran with it, I apologise for the decidedly off topicness of my responses and leave you to it.

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    Yeah, if they don't have a house and you have an excess of money then I don't see it as such a big thing. Especially because really if I want to be purely's a house so when they will unfortunately pass out, you might give it to your children (for example).
    Still I'm not completely sure that a culture where you're *forced* to care about your elders is optimal. It depends on the economic situation. When it's improving then yes, it's optimal, because children will generally have excess resources compared to their parents. When it's worsening, it seems suboptimal, since you need to deal with lower income and supporting your parents on top of that.
    Italian society is kind of like that, even though not as extreme as China, and oftentimes I see some social and family dynamics which are suboptimal. OTOH when I lived in Denmark - which is the complete opposite - I was kind of scared by how uncaring could both parents and children be towards their close relatives, it seemed as if they treated each other as complete strangers.
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    I don't foresee the U.S. economy recovering any time soon so we are being encouraged by the media to take care of our ageing population, which each person is at least needed to take care of their own parents.

    What else are you supposed to do with an ageing parent who can not care for themselves and neither can the government? Let them die alone on the street?

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    I think it's mostly just stupid journalism, making small actions of celbrities seem like a big deal to attract readers.

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