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    Quote Originally Posted by yakimadude View Post
    by someone designed to automatically love you? or would you want to someone to love you of their own free will?
    It's hard to say. I think if they came out and said, "hey you should know at this point in the relationship that I'm an automaton", it would probably kill the mood.

    Seriously though, there are grey areas. In some ways we are 'designed' to automatically love our family. Is that any less real? I know we prefer to separate the biochemistry from love, but..
    What about pets, whom can form deep bonds with their owners? (I guess some people might not consider this to be on the same level as human love, but whatever..)

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    I don't think I could love someone who was a jerk to everyone else, especially if that includes my friends. I do understand that friendship is not transitive, though.

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