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    I do my best to avoid being precarious. What most people feel miserable about is beyond their control (that might itself be what saddens them), but you have to come to a point where you can either accept it or wallow in the hopelessness of it all (been there done that).

    I don't see why any of those things you've listed are inherently arbitrary because you don't really have the answer to what is and isn't arbitrary. No one can know so why stress yourself out because of that fact?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkenya View Post
    So...they give up. It's like saying "I'm going to look after my own". I'm not saying that this is a bad thing but if I were to have this mentality some people would not be pleased with the results.

    Besides, isn't this the very same mentality that leads to stuff like 9/11, racism, genocide etc etc? Should I look after my own?
    Refusing to fight a battle that cannot be won by one man alone is not giving up. It's being realistic. As an ideal everyone should look after themselves and ones they hold dear if everyone did that everyone would be fine. It's no mans responsibility to save an entire race, prevent terrorism, yada yada. Life is initially a group effort.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mkenya View Post
    Because all that is ultimately meaningless.
    When someone dies. Not everything in their life loses meaning. Values they've instilled in their young pass on through generation to generation. If someone plants enough seeds on earth in the short time span that they're alive one can initially live and influence others forever. Not as a physical entity but as written word, recorded voice, the mere echo of your spoken word or feelings that arise from your written word can ring on forever. If you find contributing to the planet and the future meaningless then fair enough but you can't apply your views to an entire species.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mkenya View Post
    Because all that is ultimately meaningless. Why would you be happy in the first place? If happiness can be achieved simply by being, then why is the world such an unhappy place (as seen by other people, not just me)?
    I've experienced what I would consider true hardship, and associate with people who have as well, and they don't seem particularly happy. Angry mostly, sad, lackadaisical...happy? Only sporadically...
    Well, it seems like you could look at it either way. I happen to surround myself with the opposite types of folks. People who get through heavy duty hardships stronger and better from it. An argument "why be happy?" sounds the same as the argument "why be unhappy?" to me- unless you are actively following through with a plan to help save the messed up world- (and won't be happy until you get it.) Anything beyond that sounds like unfounded brooding.
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    Absolutely agree with @uncommonentity.

    If you go through life as a miserable soul, then you're going to die never having really lived. That's why people choose to seek out happiness. Do people always know precisely what makes them happy? No. There is a lot of unhappiness in the world based on people not properly assessing what will guide them to what truly will provide them their happiness. After a degree of time, it catches up. It's not necessarily the state of the world that makes for so much negativity, but state of mind and ill-self-assessment.
    The problem is that dwelling does nothing productive. Would you fault people who aren't oblivious to the state of everything, yet still choose to keep positive so they don't just inevitably fuel a rut? There's not even an argument to be made that being so unhappy will cause an uprise for betterment, because it is typically a crippling thing to the majority of people.

    What would make you happy?
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