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1. Immerse yourself in conservative religious politics. THEY think they've fallen from grace. They see America as a battle they are LOSING. It's right out of the horse's mouth. It's why they've gotten more militant. They're fighting because they feel like they're being defeated.

2. Talk to the baby boomer generations. They'll complain about how awful the country has become since prayer has been kicked out of schools and evolution ushered into them. MTV. Rock and roll. Sex. Promiscuity on TV. Rated R movies. Vulgarity. Political scandal. The conservative churches (not even fundamentalist) I've been to all consider the US a fallen country, and God's favor has moved onto China and other countries around the world.
1/2. I'm confused by your message. Are you saying that the people have lost faith in the church or that the church has lost faith in the people? From the way I've seen it, the conservative churches (evangelical, religious right, etc) have moved from serving the interests of the people (in a sense)... Or perhaps the natural progression for 1st world countries is to move away from religion and the US has just been slow in the process.

2. I think removing prayer from schools is fair to those who don't practice a religion. I admit I don't know a lot about the history of evangelicalism in the US, but their was the flavor of the movement strongly present even up through Bush's first term. As time goes on, I think more people will question that authority (removing prayer, removing "God" from the Pledge of Alleigance, etc)- to move the establishment to a more "equalized" (from my perspective) system, but I don't necessarily think this backlash will be enough to unhinge the Christian majority hold on the nation. Reduce the influence of evangelical preachers, yes.

I could go on and on about this. But I think my main point here is, I'm not the one saying Christians have "lost the culture"'; conservative Christians themselves have been saying it for a few decades.
Again, I am confused by this mixed message. Are you saying you agree with conservative Christians? Who are the "Christians"? Are "conservative Christians" also the "baby boomers" who frown upon MTV (who are the normal "Christians")?

Or are you saying that "conservative Christians" (not evangelical Christians) think the country is going the wrong way on both ends (the evangelical and the MTV) and disapprove of the politics of the evangelical churches?
Who's disapproving of whom?