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    Quote Originally Posted by Martoon View Post
    I find evangelical atheists every bit as obnoxious as evangelical theists.

    In reality, carbon dating isn't useful for measuring back more than about 40 thousand years, so that's not how scientists determine the age of dinosaur fossils.
    True. They usually use uranium-235 or uranium-238 (or some others with much larger half-lifes than carbon-14) to determine the age range of the igneous rock bracketing the fossil sediments.

    It does bother me too that people don't bother to understand the basics but will still argue their conclusions as if they're gospel.
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    Tina, I brought you on MBTIc to tell you that I'm not really a Christian, I'm a Jew.

    *unzips suit, revealing Star of David and tallis*

    Actually, I'm not really a Jew, I'm a horse.

    *unzips Jew-suit*

    Actually, I'm not really a horse, I'm a broom.

    *unzips horse suit and falls to the floor in silence*

    [/family guy derail]

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    I was raised Jewish, I'm now an Atheist. If I lived in the south, it might be a problem...but, around here it's not really a big deal.
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    Whole situation reminds me of my situation where I live - everyone assumes because I'm white and upper-middle class that I'm a Republican. When I first moved here hubby and I were invited to several Republican fundraisers without even being asked if we supported those politics - it was just assumed. At first I made excuses like 'sorry, we are busy that night.' But now, I've come out of the closet and just say 'Hubby is a Democrat, and I'm some kind of moderate/liberterian hybrid.'

    In terms of going to other churches I think it depends on whether or not the church that you are going to respects that you already have a 'church home' and want you there just as a guest. If they are evangelicals or conservatives I probably wouldn't bother since they tend to want to witness and attract people to their church (sorry for the generalization but that's been my experience), on the other hand the more mainstream protestant and catholic churches generally are more respectful to your current affiliation.

    Thank you very much for your invitation, but I'm actually a I'm a Unitarian Universalist
    This is what I would say to a conservative. Then ask if they would like to attend a pot-luck at your church.

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