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    Default In what ways are men discriminated against in the workplace?

    If you're a man and work in a primarily male dominated field/place, aside from the obvious things like race, age, religion or disability, are there other ways that men may discriminate against other men in the workplace?

    Also, I didn't know what section to put this in.
    And curiosity about this was sparked by this commercial I saw, which suggests that shorter men are discriminated against in the workplace. (I don't know if this is true or not)

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    Possibly reverse discrimination, where management or HR feels they have to hire a woman because there aren't enough, whether or not she is the best candidate.
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    I've heard about the height bias. Apparently, there's been some studies that show that people way up the company ladders tend to be taller on average. God, and in the video they talked about men that are 5'9"! Isn't that average height for men most western countries? Ridiculous.

    I suppose another one would be if they work in even a semi-macho environment and they don't fit the masculine stereotypes (liking sport, drinking lots, being aggressive/assertive etc). Sometimes not fitting in socially can harm a career, epecially if you work in a place that has a lot of interaction with colleagues.
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    You're unlikely to find any systemic discrimination against men, with two possible exceptions. 'Reverse discrimination' where women are preferred in order to increase diversity or some nonsense, happens on occasion. I've noticed a disturbing trend toward this is areas such as firefighting, where physical size can be the difference between life and death, but women don't have to live up to the standards of men. This practice is both counterproductive (since more qualified candidates might be overlooked) and dangerous.

    The other case where you see this are in professions that are traditionally female oriented, such as nursing and dance, but this isn't an issue of systemic discrimination so much as social conditioning. In my opinion, this can only be corrected by the passage of time.

    As for discrimination based on things like height and attractiveness, this falls into the category of unconscious discrimination. This type of things is evolutionarily advantageous, and there really is no way to prevent it. The other form of discrimination mentioned (based on personality) is something I find appropriate, just like discrimination based on intelligence, knowledge, and abilities.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dala View Post
    As for discrimination based on things like height and attractiveness, this falls into the category of unconscious discrimination. This type of things is evolutionarily advantageous, and there really is no way to prevent it.
    Disagree with the bold part. That type of bias WAS advantageous. But physical combat is unnecessary in most work situation. Workplace discrimination based on those traits provide no benefit to the employer. Subconscious discrimination is the worse kind. It can be avoided by being conscious of these natural tendencies.

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