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    I think prideful thinking, assuming you're an exception to the rule, that you can break them (or that they don't apply to you) because in your mind you are "uncommon", is antithetical to common sense.

    The sense that encourages a logical course of action to a common problem is common sense. I don't think it's necessarily instinctual or "basic". Just because a problem is common doesn't mean it's not complex.

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    "If-then" reasoning. Basic logic for the shortest line between two points. I disagree that it's a herd mentality - I think even eccentric ways can be considered "common sense" if they succeed easier than conventional ways.

    This differs from common *knowledge* - which is stuff most people in a certain society are expected to know. For example, check your car oil periodically. And sometimes it's needed to wield common sense most effectively.
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    I would say a knowledge or understanding of what is likely to happen in a given situation.
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