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    There's a simple Acronym that covers what you're thinking of nonsequiter: G.I.F.T.

    Or if you want the more professional sounding name the Online disinhibition effect. I'm sure everyone of us here can find a behavior we've engaged in.

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    I think people pretend to listen more in person. I'd prefer everyone say what they think regardless of whether it's hurtful or not. Would it be better if they did it to your face than those that only do so under the protection of the internet? Well, yes.

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    It depends.

    1: The person responding isn't truly seeing the other person as a person. (In this forum, all we see is an avatar and a username... the only RL interaction occurs in get-togethers.)
    2: The person just doesn't care whether he/she hurts another person. "It is the internet, get over it!"
    3: The person cannot tell whether what he/she said is effecting the other person across the screen.

    There are more consequences with real life interaction than there is using the internet.


    However, if you were to debate about something and all....

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