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    I have had a similar experience. As of late has piqued my interest and satisfied my spiritual inclinations. Whether or not that remains the case is yet tbd.

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    I think Gnosticism has a few flaws:

    It is almost exclusively tailored toward introversion. Therefore, it deals with experiences only relevant to the individual. When Jungian analysts congregate, they can hardly ever agree on particular matters because their understanding of his work, psychoanalysis and religion in general is so individual that they become disparaged. I suppose the best way to establish a religion of people like that would be to agree to disagree.

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    I agree. From what I can tell so far gnosticism is not really meant as a religion per se but more as an individual system for experiencing spiritual growth and awareness. The areas i have been studying as of late do say that it will be interpreted differently by each individual in accordance with their own development. Also in regards to the introversion their basic premise seems to be "as above so below" meaning that in delving into ourselves and our own spirituality we are also learning the cosmic laws that are irrefutable. Again open to individual interpretation but as I said, currently satisfying my spiritual inclinations.

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