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    Default Effects of psychedelics on personality function usage.

    I have a theory that using psychedelics causes one to be forced into using a personality function different than their primary one. Psychedelics force the user into using his or her secondary/auxiliary/opposing function, such as for example, an ENTP forced into using Ti, Fe, and Si as a dominant function.

    Maybe using psychedelics can also cause one to instead use functions that are not in their "personality inventory". Such an example being: an Ne user using Ni or Se. I believe "states of consciousness" can refer to being fixated in using another "dominant" function. There is a Freud theory that one's ego is the dominant personality function. Maybe the loss of one's ego that one frequently feels when "tripping" is actually the use of other personality functions?

    Evidence for this theory: effects of "increased visual effects, color depthness" (maybe a dominant user describing usage of an exaggerated awareness of Se coming from an Ni dominant), awareness of unknown such as hidden government agendas (maybe Ti/Ni usage?), deep store memory becomes accessible (speculating Si).

    However, I don't believe psychedelics can cause a permanent personality change (that might be debatable depending on circumstances such as the mental state of the patient) since one reverts back to the ego (dominant function) when the effects of the drug wear off. I believe that one can only have "awareness" of the mind sets but not usage of them. However, with continued use, one finds it easier to slip back into using other personality functions because their brain's hardwire has been changed.

    What do you guys think?

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    I stopped reading when you referenced Freud

    Not really, but regardless of his presence in the argument, I don't feel as if it's much of one. It seems like an extreme stretch to me that psychedelics could/would force you into rejecting your dominant function only, in favor of a less developed method of thought. If anything, if you're losing control of your consciousness you'd think psychologically doing what comes naturally would be the first responsive.

    The argument that "states of consciousness can refer to being fixated in using another "dominant" function," doesn't make much sense to me either. I would think the fact that your serotonin receptors are being overflowed with a relatively unfamiliar chemical would much more likely to be causing the sensation. It's a different sate of consciousness in the sense that there may not even be anymore 'dominant functions', the way your brain functions isn't normal and therefore you can't feel the same as somebody without the drug would feel, regardless of their type.

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    Really depends on the set and setting. But I've noticed the people that have the best trips are usually indulging their top two functions in some way. Someone who doesn't use Se much is more likely to be freaked out by open-eyed visuals and paranoia about their environment, and an Se user is more likely to be freaked out by increased internal dialogue and introverted functions that their not used to, bad revelations etc.

    I've tripped where most of the time I'm intensely fascinated by Se things and visuals and my surroundings, but even then, my Ti and Ne are going insane and impossible to shut off. I'm of the theory that it will most likely heighten any or all functions depending on the trip. There's also something implicitly Ni about it.

    The one thing is you're going to make more abstract associations in your head. It's very hard to use pure Se and Si while on psychedelics. Just try and play a sport other than frisbee and you'll see.

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    Well..I have a thread here (somewhere) that documents my mbti results while under the influence of marijuana (cough, cough its for my back..). I think I was an esfp. I've taken the test at least once since then (again..under the influence) and I seem to distinctly remember getting esfj. (things get hazy...)

    Ironically, other people don't seem to notice any change in my behavior when I'm under the influence. But..I know for a fact that there is. My priorities are different, the way I communicate is different, what I pay attention to when watching t.v. is different etc. Jokes that usually seem very typical are suddenly hilarious...and jokes that my sober self finds funny are usually considered "stupid" (not in a good way). A good personal example is the show Scrubs. While indulging, Scrubs seems to be a very mediocre comedy. While sober Scrubs is comedic genius. I'm still trying to figure that one out...

    I am also able to relate to characters on tv on a more "emotional" level. It took me a while to figure out that I was "feeling" instead of whatever I do instead. My sober self has never before cried simply because of a song, but Anthony Hamilton's "Charlene" had me balling. I actually remember thinking "so this is what people are hearing when they listen to music..." (I typically just appreciate the auditory patterns...)

    And not sober self has changed my sober self...luckily my not sober self isn't too much of a bad guy (all he likes doing is sitting back and listen to music...and think about people) and my sober self is too much of a worrier to let me do something I will regret for a long time (all he likes doing is focusing on theories/life/the future).

    Also..thinking about yourself when you are not quite yourself is a very interesting experience. I can see why someone would find an intp interesting. (The ugly truth is intps are not that's an act for the most

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