We are in a time of great importance. We have information at our fingertips and to our disposal. We know of the earth changes, social changes, political changes.

If one mind can foster an idea and one heart can embrace it, just imagine 7 billion minds making it happen and 7 billion hearts beating at once, shaking the Earth free from hate, with love!

How far down the rabbit hole must we go before we realize how important we actually are to one another?

Think about that for a minute!...

Without the help of others one is destined to fall.

Without the help of others one can never have purpose.

Without the help of others one will never see the forest through the trees.

We feel love because we feel pain, for pain is respect and love is the gain!

It's collective,.. Not in play, for play is childish, and respect is age.

As we rise up in the wave we change the level of pride, looking down and realizing, we should never run and hide.

In the hopes of living right, morals set us straight, and when we look around, all we see is hate. Make a change, make it real, take your place, and start to heal.

Love is simple because it's pure, for it's the mind that clouds it, and makes it obscure.

Stories will be stories, and thoughts will be dreams. Thinking as one will make us see..

Mind over matter is a matter of fact, and the fact of the matter is we're changing at last.

Judgements are empty, like the face on a clock, it's emotion that drives us, like the gravity on this rock!

Love yourself, and only you, because in the end your soul is true.

What an illusion we've festered through thought, it's made us forget, the chances we've lost!

It starts with you and it starts with me, chasing doubt, preys on prestige.

Our minds are young, and hearts even younger, brace for the worst and respect one another.

As long as we guide them I see no end, and with that I can tell you, a friend is a friend. With enemies misguided and trust in the balance, it's up to us to stop the malice.

I speak from the heart with my mind to guide it. Impress your conscience, and the feelings it knits.

It's clarity, and it's compassion, it's the changing of heart. Yesterday is gone, and today is art.

One last moment I want to share, I'm feeling grateful, for what is fair. Love is universal, love is rare.

Take these words as a caring gesture, because all we need is a conscious effort!

Strange is creation, as strange is to completion, and strange is admission, as strange is to volition.

Take the light, you must share it, make the time,... Declare it!