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    Our family used to go every Sunday until my Mom got pissed off at what was going on at two churches. Then we only went to midnight mass - Christmas Eve.
    More news came out, and she got even more pissed off. Yep, that about sums it up.
    Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
    — Mark Twain

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    I'm one of these people.. I personally enjoy church on holidays... Brings about nostalgia and a feeling of warmth. I don't claim to be a religious person, though.
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    I don't even go to my church on holidays.

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    I don't go to church on the holidays. I avoid church like the plague and I no longer feel beholden by it. Here, Clint Eastwood can say it better than I can.


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    i was raised anglican and went to an episcopalian
    prep school. we had chapel on wednesdays right
    before formal dinners at school. i always found
    a way to skip.

    now i only go to church for funerals or weddings.
    not even holidays. parking sucks.
    every normal man must be tempted, at times,
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    I very rarely go to church and when I do I find I am irritated. I understand the ceremony but it seems to have little to do with me. And it's as though the congregation is walking in their sleep. Frankly I don't see any chance of them waking up. The nuns have left. The young have left, even the altar boys have left. And all that's left is to put a brave face on it, and guess what, they are going to develop the land into Aged Persons Units, rather expensive ones. It's as though they are completely determined to do something but I don't know what. I don't think criticizing them helps and I don't think joining them helps. It's as though they are waiting, somehow abandoned and lost, waiting for Godot. I saw the play, "Waiting for Godot", and I felt the same way I do at church. It's kinda like life imitating art.

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    Anew Leaf


    I am in church anytime I am outside.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    I don't even go to my church on holidays.
    You're not necessarily required to attend services are you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Saturned View Post
    I am in church anytime I am outside.
    When you are outside the church, you are inside the church.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NegativeZero View Post
    You're dismissing out of hand all the Christians who get annoyed by this as well. I don't think OP nor I are deeply irked by this, but we find it insincere.
    yeah, I would hear lots of complaints when I was in church from other church-goers, who felt like people were insincere to just show up twice a year and felt like the entire service was fake... while they, since they committed to going all the time, were sincere in their beliefs.

    Insincerity was a big deal. I used to hear earfuls even back in college, about the Catholics who would go out partying every Saturday night, then drag themselves back to a noon mass and take communion, as if somehow that made everything better. (I'm simply repeating the perception that was commonly shared.)

    or Thanksgiving, where people routinely will pray "thank you" prayers to... who? My religious in-laws used to always complain about that. They felt it was again watering down their faith.

    So, yes, it's fairly common for "sincerity" to be a relevant value for religious people, who feel that their beliefs might be watered down by "cultural Christians" or whomever else using the holidays for themselves without truly honoring them.
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