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    ok, Im thinking of replying seriously to this thread now,lol...

    First, id say before I learned to accept my own mortality, the one brush I had with death was fairly terrifying, I cant honestly relate most of went through my mind, but I kind of get that whole "life flashing be4 your eyes" kind of thing that some people relate, although at the time, I had very little life to be flashing be4 them,lol...

    but later on in life, the number of times I faced death, I wasnt afraid of it anymore, not because I was brave, or anything of the sort, but because at those times I welcomed it, I was calm, at peace, feeling the heat seep from my body and my consciousness slowly give way to darkness, i was at peace, not afraid, So I wonder what my reaction would be to a much more active imminent doom, ive had a gun pointed at my head by a crazy person once, im not sure if thats quite the same though, with all the scared people around me I might be more apt to be just as terrified... but with the gun, i dunno, I felt nothing... till later, I broke down pretty bad later...

    So really, I am not sure what I would do if I was on the plane plummeting towards the ground...I have a lot of experience to compare it to, and still have no idea what id exactly do... especially now that I value my continued survival a considerable amount more than I used to.
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    I've been in some situations where my body gets overflooded with adrenaline and I end up shaking uncontrollable for a few hours afterwards. But at most I remember as if the flow of time altered, but never did I stop and think, but react instead.

    Near accidents and such.

    One time was really super close and a collision would have no doubt left me severely injured, I was on my scooter going about 80 kilometer an hour on a forested curvy road, entered a corner on the right side and met a car in the corner that I couldn't see coming, that was also speeding and had decided to cut the corner. I immidiately reacted by swinging my scooter to the left, then hard right again around the car, and rushed passed what seemed like 100 trees (probably only about 5) on the edge of the road in the dirt, barely maintaining control. But somehow I did. Time really did seem to slow down at that moment.

    It also left me thinking. It must have been a rational descision to decide to go left around the car, because it's unnatural to do so normally, but since I definately wouldn't have had the room or possibility to go further right, I'm glad I chose that way. Yet my reaction time was like a split second and I also don't really remember consciously thinking anything.
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