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Thread: The Plague

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    Default The Plague

    Has anyone read The Plague by Albert Camus? I am reading it for my Death, Dying and the Meaning of Life class.

    I was wondering if the book really made you think about death and dying as well as the parallels the Plague out break in the book has with War.

    I don't want to spoil the book for anyone but I believe that a lot of the events as well as the deaths have a certain Irony to them. It made me really question my own thoughts on death and mortality as well as the way humans cope with death and dieing.

    So what are your views on it? If you have read it.
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    I read it a while ago. I like Camus and his underlying existentialist philosophy.

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    I have read it a couple of times.
    I have never read it as a book on death, but rather on what "humanity" is, about what is underneath the shiny image we hold, about solidarity, belief, perhaps even religion.
    The plague is -indeed- a strong reference to war, rather than to death.
    If you like it, I strongly recommend Jose Saramago's "City of the blind", but be warned: fascinating as it is, it will probably depress you.
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