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    I almost always have my senses engaged while dreaming... like in my recurring nightmare that I'm late for work I can FEEL my clothes as I pull them on and I can feel myself brushing my teeth and such... then I wake up at about the time I total my car in my dream
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    Quote Originally Posted by Curator View Post
    ive had my teeth rot and crumble away in my mouth during a dream once, it was horrible,lol... had the dream inside of a dream thing many times too...
    Ha... not sure if I've ever had dream inside a dream. I've definitely had the one where I'm waking up, getting in the shower, getting ready for work... then I wake up for real and haven't done any of that stuff and am still tired.

    Edit: oh... HA didn't see your post whatever.
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    There was the one time I had a dream where I was sure I "felt" the sensation of something in the dream a split-second after I had been awoken out of it, but not with my eyes fully opened yet. That freaked me out, like the dream followed me into real life...
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