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    it's ridiculous. i get even madder when someone finds it funny.
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    It sounds like an Irish myth about people seeing the outline of relatives when they die.
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    I cannot even begin to imagine relying on psychic powers to save my child.

    That is like people who wont take their kids to the doctor because they have faith god will cure them.

    I would be pissed too. I mean even if she stated she was stunned, dissociated, or not thinking clearly. This would be a better excuse than "I thought help was coming because I called out in my brain."

    As a mother, even if I did have a super power, that wouldn't be enough, specially taking into account the margin of error. I would be yelling out to people, taking my child, running to an area of higher visibility. Depending on the state of their condition I would either preform CPR, or run faster than I ever had in my life to the store.

    There are a million reasons, why this would be a complicated position. But trying to pawn it off on psychic ability probably just escalates the conflict.

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    This isn't a probable scenario, since the easiest thing to do would be to grab her child and head for the store while at the same time "bespeaking" a family member to come help.

    As far as what I would do if someone doesn't believe me, if it was a life and death matter, reliance on "mind" communication without going to the store would be my own stupidity. Not going to happen.

    As far as what I do when people don't believe me if it's not work-related, then I'd give it a few tries, shrug and walk away. Once a problem has been communicated to the person who's responsible, it's their right to act on what I've told them or not. If things blow up in their faces afterwards, it's also their problem.

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    Yeah, I want to answer also, because if this is a real situation, I wasn't very helpful before....

    If you're hell bent on proving the psychic connection you can always try to gain phone recordings from your brother's seemingly random 911 call. Although I don't think that is going to do much.

    Psychic or not, the fact remains that your sis did not act in a more productive way. Like I said before, there could be many issues to cause someone who can't think on their feet, so that in itself is fair.

    I think your sis needs to assess her guilt. It seems like the blame is getting passed from one to another so no one feels solely guilty but everyone is a little bit. If she needs to hold onto the idea that she did the right thing to cope, then she needs to understand that everyone may not see things her way. She just needs to accept that.

    If she can start working on the idea that she may have fucked up. That it could have cost her the life of her child, and work through that. She is heading in a great direction. Not because I am saying she is at fault but because....

    Whether she is psychic or not has nothing to do with the death of her child.

    This petty argument is just a fluff one for everyone to ignore the real issues behind the situation. As long as that continues to happen. You can forget about reconciliation based on anything more than faking it.

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    ThatGirl and Metaphor, thanks for your responses.

    I was thinking of the child trapped in the wreckage of the car where the mother couldn't take them to the store, only leave it and run to the store, with literally no one around except the person at the store. Maybe the store is much further away than I originally stated. Say a mile. I don't know. I just picked a distance where I felt going to it would be a worse choice than staying with the child. And also that in many different scenarios in the past, the mind speaking method proved the most effective. I don't know if that makes a difference or not. And the sister doesn't feel guilty because she knows she did everything she could think of at the time. Going to the store and leaving the child would be worse than staying with the child, knowing that help was on the way. How is relying on a psychic connection that has been established any different than relying on a telephone service? The message was sent and received. The error lied on the brother's part. No one could have known that out of all the times in the past, this was when an error would be made.
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    I don't know the details of what happened to you, because it seems like you're saying that the details of the story have been changed, and the story is just an example similar to whatever happened.

    My understanding is: if they would only believe you about the secret, then they wouldn't blame you/her/whoever for behaving irresponsibly. They would realize you actually tried to do something that ought to have worked.

    And by the way, if that story is the literal truth, I believe it because it happens to me too.

    Do you have a feeling that there is something they 'want' to hear? Is there something they 'want' you to say that would make everything okay, that would make it seem like she did everything she could, or it wasn't her fault?

    It sounds like the friends and relatives are so angry at her that they're avoiding her and blaming her. Sometimes that might happen even if they understood that it was an accident and it wasn't her fault.

    (I wish I were more awake right now, I could actually focus my attention enough to answer this.)

    You could find another way of phrasing it that sounds more like what they 'want' to hear. For instance I believe that I am being attacked with electronic weapons and that people are hacking my computer. Sometimes they tell me 'psychic' information that I could not otherwise have known, and it turns out to be true. If I talk about this, people are able to tolerate it if I say that it's 'psychic,' but they aren't able to tolerate it if I say 'I am being attacked by people using electronic weapons.'

    So is there some 'politically correct' way of describing the secret? If people can't stand to hear about the real truth, but they can tolerate hearing a dumbed-down version of the real truth? Her 'spiritual guides' were helping her?

    You might be able to tell the secret and explain that the secret is the reason why this happened, but you have to phrase it in a politically correct, dumbed-down way which is viewed as less of a taboo. You will still feel like a fool and a weirdo, and they will look down on you with contempt, for whatever reason, and blame you for whatever it was, but it might make some of their anger go away. And since I don't know the details I can only give this as a general answer.

    I have to do this every day of my life. I had to answer this post even without knowing the details of the real story.

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    Honestly? I'd start searching desperately for someone who can give me a hug. I'm a physical person, you see. Or at least, that's the thing I'd see myself do in that kind of situation.
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    march on anyway.
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