we tend to attribute almost every, if not all, of what we consider to be major accomplishments to modern science and human development. in comparison, though, belief is belittled because we've come to rely (or so we... believe) on empirical things.

knowledge becomes wisdom even though it's nothing... like equating a collection of baseball cards to actually being a great baseball player.

in fact, you could know everything there is to know but if you can't believe the most basic truth then you are still a total fool.

therefore, what is belief, what is faith, but a recognition of reality as it is beyond one's ability to know for certain?

consider original nature... if instead of being born, you simply werent, then were, but had no other human or influence of any kind to sway you. the reality you'd live in would in fact be what we now categorize under faith and belief.

so why do we think things have progressed? because we've inched forward in filling our insecure need to know what we dont with certainty? to provide our own truth? all to avoid taking a risk with the unknown and having knowledge of truth. why, though, do we keep holding on to this foolish notion when in the depths of our soul we know it to be nothing.

why is it that we agree and relate in some things, but disagree in other things... one says we live in one reality, with one absolute truth, and the other suggests there's room for interpretation

...because we've long since chosen to forget that to see reality as it truly is we need faith. we need to believe it's there. and somewhere in us, we know this, because we cannot hide from it... it's just that it's so hard to turn back. if we turn back, anything could happen, and the momentum of our ego is more comfortable. if we turn back, we have our whole lifetime of expectations to face down. our very life would be at stake. but don't you know... you're already just as vulnerable now to the true reality as you've ever been, and always been. don't you know that you already believe something in order to do what you do, to get up every day, to try to live. the question you should be asking yourself is whether you believe in the truth as it is.

if we don't, though... we'll never find what we're looking for and the reason we fell off in this direction in the first place. we'll never have satisfaction. because every moment we don't turn back is a choice not to believe in our original nature, hoping in vain that reality instead will place itself in front of our current direction.

what do we do then? forsake our loyalty to "knowledge" and let everything go until you have the wisdom of a child. if you've ever held a new born baby, you might have to wonder... why they are less afraid than you are.