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    Quote Originally Posted by wedekit View Post
    So, I have recently started reading about and trying to open my chakras. It's very relaxing. I haven't experienced anything extraordinary but I do feel like I am more centered. I have come to understand the difference between "spiritual" and "religious".

    The reason I was posting was to see if anyone else out there attempts this kind of meditation and to share their experiences with it if they do.

    I came across this website as well; It goes over the enneagram in relation to the chakras: Energy and the Enneagram
    I've done chakra opening during my mid-teen years. I found while I did have some blockages that it was easy visualising, applying and working through them. I found it easy on moving my consciousness throughout my body or to focus it where I wanted it to. I've been meditating nearly my whole life since childhood w/o knowing what meditation was, doing variations of it. I might've picked it up from TV as I know I did with yoga/fitness when I was probably 9-10. I mainly did it to connect with nature/stars/sky laying outside alone around a hilltop & surroundings in front of my home as I wanted to be part of those mystical/magical atmospheres (so romantic ). I'd meditate on my nightly dreams and with the 'things' I saw but never told. I found it neat when disconnecting--if it was noisey w/ people then forget it or I was thinking too much. I also think it's b/c I wanted to disconnect from my home.

    While my lucid/dreams, projections, sleep paralysis, 'empathy' and other kinds were always interesting/and or frightening, I found that during that chakra opening time they were all very different and more easily understood with more insightfulness. Even though I was apathetic at the time I couldn't 100% shut out people or try to reach out at times. I noticed that at the spinal base it would 'pulse' hard successively even though I wasn't working on it (forget what I was working on ). It wasn't painful but I can't describe it as I forgot it! lol I'll say that it made me very aware of my body when I wasn't actively trying to be. I'm mostly in my head so it was weird for me to be so conscious of it. I'd also feel intense or light full spinal tingling, body tingling/buzzing, flushing sensations hot/cold.

    I began seeing auras a bit and not thoroughly, was skeptical of it though excited, and tried it out on people. At one point, out of curiousity and seeing a 'dark spot' on a hairdresser assisant's leg while she was washing me, I told her that I saw a spot that felt/looked like it was in pain and pointed out the exact spot. I hadn't been aware of her prior, hadn't seen her limp and just randomly chose. She became excited that I was right which made me happy but irked me as then she then wanted me to do more...I didn't like it and never did that again with another person for a lonnnng time. When I do things of that nature with people, I turn out to be right (from using w/e means) and people make a big deal of it...I've learned to limit/stop. I mainly told people, mostly unconnected to me, in order to better ascertain WTF I was going through.It wasn't all due to Chakra Opening but it enhanced it all, I think.

    I don't trust that comparison of the Chakra to the Enneagram as we're all different regardless of Types. We may or may not be 'average' of our Types (barely skimmed Type Four though) and I saw no difference w/ healthier ranges. From what I remember, if one is going to actively start working on their Chakras some people say a person can start on any chakra...others say it's best to start with the root base chakra and work your way up as the root base and spine is where your energy filters out to the rest of your chakras (and fills out the subtle energy body). I can't recall all that I've read but I remember thinking it best b/c you clear blockages as you go up and the energy flows up and up through each one (nvm chakra, what about the whole energy body from minor toe points up to the rest?) Imagine if you open your throat chakra but you have blockages from your heart, your navel or your root. The energy you are raising might become 'stuck' travelling up to get to your heart as you open it. I think that's why I got 'pulses' when I started it off incorrectly then amended that. Hope I made sense or not thought a total freak Great luck with your experiences with it all, whether you believe in it or just use it to positively change yourself

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    I'm very interested in the possibility of chakras.

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    Yeah, I have done a form of meditation my entire life without knowing. I just "fake sleep" (pretending to sleep but I'm really thinking with my eyes shut and don't wish to be disturbed).

    I think the Enneagram comparison becomes more valid if you read their Chakra section as well. They tell you to always start with your root and work your way up and to not even try to do the crown Chakra unless you have a strong root. However, my honest opinion is that I don't even consider the enneagram valid for any kind of application.

    I agree with Athenien. From what I experience it just seems I'm concentrating on 7 vital areas of my body and putting them into balance, nothing supernaturally spiritual. However, I keep an open mind will meditating and when I'm done I feel like a new person.
    Enneagram 4w5 social

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    In some Buddhist traditions, the practitioner starts with the upper chakras working down to the heart chakra. The chakras below that might be ignored entirely. Its assumed that if the upper chakras are clear, then the lower ones will sort themselves out. From this point of view, its considered dangerous to awaken the lower energies without a clear connection to the spiritual.

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    I took a chakra test on Chakra Test , and according to some the results are strange for an INTP:

    Root: over-active (81%)
    Heart:open (44%)
    Third Eye:over-active(100%)

    Before I started meditation, my Sacral, Naval Heart Chakra were all under active, my crown Chakra was over active and my Throat chakra wasn't as open. That was about two months ago.

    When I meditate, it is easiest for me to start from the heart chakra, then spiral around the whole chakra system.

    After meditation I usually feel a need to do something and that depends on which chakra I focused on.

    I am 84% T so when meditating on my Heart Chakra I feel a great difference later, usually it reverts back within a few minutes, but can last an hour or a day.

    Whilst filling out a Myers Briggs test after meditation the other day my result was IXXP.
    Has any other NT experienced anything like this? Do you have similar results?

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    i saw this on naruto

    i think my chakra is blocked. boo hoos oh no!

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