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    Quote Originally Posted by Mort Belfry View Post
    Internet popups - seizures
    Contact System Administrator messages - Medic Alert Bracelet

    Quote Originally Posted by Grayscale View Post

    Prepare for when taken over and await your Neos to save you time and time and time and time again.

    In other words, noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdal233 View Post
    The interesting thing about logic is it doesn't give any sense of rationality for power. Logic says power is meaningless... thats it. And computers are logic machines. Power is what drives our world, and a logic machine doesn't see the purpose in gaining power for any reason. Power is and always will be a illogical quest, because in the end it has no point.

    I don't see a way that would allow for motivation to be possible without providing some type of drive for power, which would be motivated with some type of irrational goal. But then, it would function no differently than our brains. So I see your type of motivation as the same thing at the core.
    A computer does need power in order to keep functioning and gaining it in order to keep functioning. Let's define what that power is. It's power is dependent on electrical energy. It's upon us to keep feeding it that power via cables to outlets and to protect it from external damage. Or it won't function/live, yes. Power for humans? There are various ways of interpreting that need/want of power. So, power as energy. Humans are energy and continue needing energy. Humans need energy/power in order to keep functioning via nourishment and protection from external damage too. Or they won't function/live, yup. The difference with that is humans, when old enough, can nourish themselves whereas computers always need us to nourish them....or, is that the only way to interpret that? You can also say that we still do need nourishment from others, gaining energy from interpersonal relationships and the drive to do better/succeed within our environments. Enivornments of the computer is your desk or wherever the hell you put it lolol but it's still taking nourishment or lackthereof from it.

    Now power in wanting to be greater than ourselves, pushing oursevles in the extreme? We have limitations placed on us or are born with them and we try to rise above them or escape them. I don't see that as illogical at all (unless you mean something entirely different). We can push ourselves but are likely pushed by others as a species that tries to co-exist and rise together with families + friends.

    People who care to keep creating computers to surpass pre-existing ones rather like a parent You could say that parents who care to try to surpass themselves with their little genetically meshed offspring with the hopes they'll succeed themselves (whether or not it works out errrr ). Then again, not all new systems are touted the best and some are condemned as failures too... just like failed children! I wonder what's worse?!!

    Computers are logical machines. Humans are logical creatures (I hope ). Both become, you could say, illogical when neither are working w/in the parameters set out to work in. A computer suddenly not responding to the command of its system as a human not responding to the command of its reasoning (system!). Reasoning system as set up by us based off of learning from others since childhood and adapting to suit our needs/understanding. But, if I recall correctly, patterns are largely set genetically as to our reasoning skills or mode of intelligence (not the restriction of it)? But we can improve ourselves and get out of certain restrictions by learning new skills/knowledge just as a computer can learn to improve beyond its initial restrictions by having imputed new software or technologies too.

    So, computers don't see the 'logic' in power? Yet computers push their systems to the brink of failure when the owner decides to misuse it. If it was so logical and rational, wouldn't it just cease trying to obey the commands? Computers will try to function even when it's beginning to degrade against "rational" understanding. It'll keep trying to outdo itself until it gets worse and freezes more because 'you' (or your family) need it to do more than it is logically able to at the time. Overworked it and then it crashes. Perhaps you 'leave' it alone to recover or you get it repaired to fix it. Get a diagnostic. It might get fixed. It might not....All because it didn't 'listen' to the messages its hardware (body) was telling it.

    Humans too...push themselves against rational understading. You're sick? Stay in bed. But you don't because you need to go to work. You need to support yourself or your family. Then you overwork. Get sicker. Then you crash. Take a break. See a doctor to heal you. Get a diagnostic. You might get healed. You might not...All because you didn't 'listen' to the messages your body was telling you.

    The difference there? A computer at that destitute point will need you to take it in to get fixed. A human can take go on one's own..unless so destitute that someone else must take them instead.

    And if you really think of computers as always needing to be taken 'somewhere' and always relying on US as its parent. I'll say think of a new computer as children with potential and always needing to be taken 'somewhere' and always relying on their parents. Comp ages, might get a new replacement just as a single child might get a younger/newer sibling. It ages, doesn't work as keenly as we age and won't work as keenly.

    Yes, I'm taking this all to extreme but you made me do it! I'd rather you comment on the Hardwire-Brain + Router-Perception + Internet-Consciousness

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    I am afraid I haven't quite read all of the above posts, so apologies if I am repeating someone's idea.

    There is a distinction between computers/humans that will be difficult to fit within your analogy. It is the human brains ability to absorb a tool into the extended body. So for example, take driving your car. When you do so you are actually human/machine synergy.

    The brain has absorbed the controls into an extended body... One doesn't consciously press a pedal, one accelerates the human/car composite entity (extended body). So your computer analogy needs some sort of modular BORG style assimilation module

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeliriousDisposition View Post
    Yes, I'm taking this all to extreme but you made me do it! I'd rather you comment on the Hardwire-Brain + Router-Perception + Internet-Consciousness
    I was never mocking you and I read all your posts well enough to understand what you're talking about. If this came off differently, it was not my intention.

    Ok this is whats happening here. You're having fun pointing out possible similarities between the brain and computer. I'm saying this thread is irrelevant due to an inherent flaw in the core of what you are basing these analogies on. This argument will go nowhere due to differing ideas of success.

    The only thing I can do to make my point more clear is to say it differently, or start citing facts and theories to back up my point of view. If your interested, send me a personal message. If not, I'm agreeing to disagree under the premise we have different motivations to the thread.

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