If libido is the survival instinct of the species, then meaning is an even deeper survival instinct, for we are meaning creating animals.

But what is the meaning of meaning?

We can understand being in relation to non-being, so we can understand meaning in rellation to non-meaning.

But as meaning creating animals, how can we possibly understand non-meaning?

Fortunately there is a part of our brain which tells us what is coming next. This is the meaning centre of our brain and it can be turned off. It can be turned off by traumatic brain damage or it can be turned off with mental practice.

And what happens when the meaning centre is turned off?

Well the first thing is our survival is threatened so we feel immediate, overwhelming fear warning us to turn the meaning part of our brain back on.

However if we allow ourselves to pass through this profound fear reaction, we experience moment by moment, and as each moment ends, the next one begins. And interesingly, we can turn the meaning part of our brain on again simply by hanging onto the moment.

And this is all meaning is - the momen extrapolated back into the past and into the future. Meaning is just one extended moment.

And the lovliest thing is moving between meaning and the moment. It is as though the moment is in love with meaning and meaning is in love with the moment.