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  • I would open the box.

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  • I would leave the box alone.

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    That's a toughie. Semi immortal? FTW!

    But living in a paradise would totally suck.

    Remove the paradise part and I'll totally open the box and living with an infliction for a thousand years as opposed to living for another 50.

    I don't like the idea of a paradise as you perceive it.

    Ofcourse, there are several ways one might interpret how their paradise would be like. It just so happens that my personal interpretation of paradise is this world we live in right now.

    You can not appreciate good without the presence of evil. You do not value health without the presence of suffering. A life lived in paradise is a life not lived at all, imo.

    But anything to live a long immortal or semi-immortal life, as long as my brain is in tact and I have some means to interact with my surroundings. Like say, being able to read a screen and wield a keyboard and a mouse. Living an immortal life as a plant however, nah, I'll pass on that and just live out the remaining days of my own life. :P
    ~Self-depricating Megalomaniacal Superwolf

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    Isn't this really all about a question of whether you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the sake of others?

    When I was a child - I would go with yes - because I did not know the world. I was

    Now that I'm older, it's harder for me to impulsively go and make a decision - I think things too much - I think that's a problem with lots of adults really. And teenagers for that matter.

    So, for now I'll keep the box closed. Because if everyone was happy except for me, then there'd be no point of me living. My ideal world is EVERYONE living happily. It seems that people often infer that to save humanity you have to sacrifice and give yourself up. And if people knew that you had sacrificed your life for them, would they truly feel like they are in paradise? It seems that this is too unrealistic - but we can always just imagine

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    I will make someone else open it.

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    Lol, Yeah....nothx. *gives the box back*

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    ENTP solution:

    1) Find out how the box is made and why it would function like that.
    2) Use this knowledge to make yourself more or less immune to pain.
    3) Open the box.

    I tend to wreck such dilemma's by trying to get around them. Well, confess - if you were really placed before such a dilemma (instead of hypothetically), would you just choose one out of the standard options? Or would you try to work around it too?
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    You know there's a damn good chance that opening this could result in could result in everyone but myself and God disappearing from this reality.

    Guess I should get a move on with the box opening then
    All for ourselves, and nothing for other people, seems, in every age of the world, to have been the vile maxim of the masters of mankind.
    Chapter IV, p. 448. - Adam Smith, Book 3, The Wealth of Nations

    whether or not you credit psychoanalysis itself, the fact remains that we all must, to the greatest extent possible, understand one another's minds as our own; the very survival of humanity has always depended on it. - Open Culture

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    This reminds me of the Hedonist Imperative:

    I wouldn't open the box. The very idea of a perfect paradise horrifies me. I've wondered about this before because I was trying to understand why I don't like the Christian idea of heaven. Something in the idea seems impossible or contradictory. I didn't like it and I thought I wouldn't want to go to heaven. I wouldn't want to go to hell either, but still, there's something wrong with heaven. There's this mental image: it's up in the clouds with an endless blank whiteness. Why would anybody want to be someplace where there was no change and no variety? That was how it felt to me.

    I like other people's answers though.

    Do I trust the person who told me about the box?
    Would I believe that it actually worked?
    Would I be able to understand how it worked?

    Maybe I would open the box, just to prove that it wasn't possible to do such things as eliminate all suffering or bring someone immortality with a very long, but temporary, period of unbearable suffering.

    However, the box could still cause something bad to happen, but it just wouldn't be something supernatural. It could be an ordinary mundane bomb or something.

    How strange... If somebody else opened this box on my behalf, and I was one of the "lucky ones" who received perfect happiness, would I be happy about it? Would I still exist? Would I be grateful? Would I be myself? Would I want somebody to do that for me? I'd have to go around still being happy, even though this one person was suffering horribly, and I'd have to just say "Ha ha, sucks to be you. I'm still happy."

    Am I still able to even SEE the miserable person who opened the box? Or do I have to blank out anything that could cause painful empathy?

    I don't even enjoy getting Christmas presents! I'm not happy about soldiers going to a foreign country and telling themselves that they're dying to protect me. I'm not happy to hear that some people believe a guy named Jesus died so that I could be saved, and all I have to do is be grateful about it in order to be saved.

    Now in the morning I sleep alone
    Sweep the streets I used to own
    ... I know Saint Peter won't call my name...

    I want the real world. I'll take the red pill even though the world is cold and harsh.

    There is hope in the real world. I will improve my life and the world, and there are limits to what I can do. I accept imperfection.

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    I'd deliberate on it for a very long time.

    Suffer so that everyone else in the world no longer would...


    would this take away from everyones need to learn from their own mistakes and from their own heartaches. "The roughest roads make for the strongest warriors."

    That's a toughy. I think I'd be pissed off I was given this tough decision and key to decide for all of mankind.
    "I don't know a perfect person.
    I only know flawed people who are still worth loving."
    -John Green

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    OPEN THE MOTHERFUCKER UP! #saviorcomplex

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