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    Default Comparative religion?

    Comparative religion will make you lose whatever faith you had in the first place.

    Would you agree with or disagree with this statement?

    I've only become seriously interested in comparative religion in the last year or so and it has challenged my faith in some ways, particularly the sheer record of dead religions but it hasnt caused me personally to lose faith altogether.
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    I think if your faith is strong enough, and deeply rooted, you'll be able to study other religions and not be shaken. If anything, your faith will become stronger. But like I said, it depends on what your faith is built upon.

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    If your faith is unreasonable, you can withstand it.

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    maybe... it depends.
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    disagree. but i suppose it is because i prefer to make room.
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    If your faith is rooted deep enough inside of you, your belief wouldn't be shaken by the knowledge of other religions. It could broaden your horizons and show you the different vantage points of which your belief may have not done, but I disagree in thinking that it weakens your underlying faith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Comparative religion will make you lose whatever faith you had in the first place.

    Would you agree with or disagree with this statement?
    No, that's pretty sad if someone can't handle information. Besides, I think many people of faith/ethical concerns would just find some of this information, a way to bridge a gap and see new ways to connect with others. For example, the "Golden Rule" is expressed, more or less, in other religions besides Christianity (like Buddhism, for example). A Christian could find solace in that.. that there are more people that one can work with or express these ideals with than what he/she thought. Why wouldn't they want to know that? To have another segment of the world basically concerned about many of the same things would be good news, objectively speaking. Or were their religious concerns superficial and merely about being in some special club, all along?

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