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    Quote Originally Posted by Forever_Jung View Post
    That's a much better way of looking at things. You only live once is a very short-sighted philosophy. When you frame it as living everyday, it not only encourages us to be active and live it up everyday, but it also encourages us to live in ways that don't ruin our future enjoyment of life. Maybe we can make YODO catch on!
    Heh, I went through some life experiences recently and it is one of those wisdom that I sort of learned on the way. It really does change the meaning by framing it that way. It isn't the end of the world if you missed something so awesome or something really bad occurred recently, you have thousands upon thousands of days to make up for it, or do something even more extravagant in the future. It makes you think more of today instead of the past or too far into the future.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Mobius View Post
    Yeah it is quite hefty; but it was something that was playing on my mind, so I thought I would share.
    Glad you did!

    Quote Originally Posted by underwaterthing View Post
    Something I wrote in my journal a few weeks ago (the metaphor is slightly tongue-in-cheek):
    The greater the distance between the solid, damp ground of reality and the lofty treetops of escape, the more it hurts when you hit the ground, so just keep your feet on the ground so no fall is necessary.
    (Of course, my quote about staying in touch with reality pales in comparison to the one by Dr Mobius)

    The purpose of art is to amplify truth.

    influenced by Theravada Buddhism and the Enneagram:
    In order to continually move closer to the truth and therefore strengthen your ability to respond to reality fittingly and nobly, you must stay awake by constantly questioning what you believe to be true. It's not easy - sometimes it's much more comfortable to cling to the delusion of certainty, to attach yourself to a static vision of the truth, but if you do this you're mentally and spiritually asleep instead of truly steering yourself and acting from the fluid center of your being.
    (It's sort of like setting up a faulty autopilot vs. actually driving yourself.)
    Interesting! I think that's especially poignant for us 9's, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Coriolis View Post
    Similar to my mother's advice. She would say to take care of your feet and your teeth, because trouble with either causes trouble/pain all over. She learned this the hard way, having both foot and teeth problems for much of her life.
    I'm glad my mom really hammered home the importance of taking care of teeth when I was little. I haven't even had to get a filling yet. My dad (who had an impoverished and negligent upbringing) has wretched teeth and he suffers for it constantly.

    From my own experience, I have learned that, when despite my best efforts I do not get something or succeed at something I want, I am probably not meant to have it, and must look for a different opportunity elsewhere.
    Some people think they can force it. That reminds me of that earlier quote about people trying to hammer a wall into a door.

    My mother also said that people who remarried after the death of a spouse were the ones who had had a happy marriage. They wanted to experience that again, with a new partner.
    I totally believe this! That's a good one.

    From my high school choir director: always apply for something if you want it, even if you think it unlikely that you will get it. If you don't apply, you have already told yourself "no". Make the person in charge of the activity tell you "no"; it's their job, after all.
    Good advice. I'm bad for preemptively rejecting myself. One of my friends always applies to jobs she is not qualified for, and sometimes she gets the jobs! Other times she doesn't get the job, but they'll respond back and give her helpful advice. So even if she gets rejected a lot, she also benefits greatly from trying.

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    Everything that will happen to you, happens in your dreams first. In dreams, certain animals or objects are used to represent an obstacle you will face in your life journey. Now let me reveal some of its personifications.

    1) Insects-are used in dreams, as severe bad luck especially if they are revealed as swarms.
    2) old buildings- dilapidated structures in dreams sometimes mean death, or end of something.
    3) cemeteries- simple enough, these dreams heralds death.
    4) old dead- these are visitors, if they convey messages you should listen, do whatever they tell you.
    5) dogs- if these animals are trying to bite you or snarling at you these are enemies in your life.
    6) scorpions and centipede- also represent enemies.
    7) witches familiars- cats and frogs are the most dangerous omen. Represents curses.
    8) the bee and honey- represents good luck.
    9) flying- means success.
    10) pigs- bad luck just like insects.
    11) water- depends on its state, I don't fully understand what water represents in dreams but I believe seeing clean water in dreams are good and the opposite for dirty water.

    This could help you decipher dreams, but no two dreamers are the same...
    "sidere mens eadem mutato"

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    I think it would be somewhat ridiculous of me to call this wisdom; so these are my thoughts.

    There is nothing nothing wrong with being wrong. We're humans faulty perception and wishful thinking is an inherent part of our make up. It's what we do after our thoughts clash with reality that shapes us so much.

    Consider the case of the angry youtubers you've seen hammering on about everything from religion to gamer gate, to fluoride. All convinced that their anger and grand standing is the height of righteous fury; and not pointless rhetoric. Do you think they started out this way? No it was a journey of a thousand steps, started with a thought on how the world should be. Then a denial of what is. A prison of our own design is build; for some personal drive; some deep seated need. Then comes life pounding at the door; how do you expect them to act? It takes a great deal of courage to throw away that certainty for the cold comfort of chance and probability that is life.

    As for guarding against it. Every once in awhile chuck it at reality, if it sticks use it. If not run away and don't look back, and critical analysis. Poke it, prod it, smash, bash and crash it. If it grows extra eyes...... burn it.

    As for the angry abusers. Pity them; the prisons they build only ever get smaller, and the rage only ever burns brighter; this is how small people are built. Not with a singular instance, but with the march of a thousand tiny lies.
    Just looking for a protector, God never reached out in time, There's love, that is a saviour, But that ain't no love of mine
    My Love it kills me slowly, Slowly I could die, And when she sleeps she hears the blues, Sees shades of black and white

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