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Thread: Justin Bieber

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    Justin Bieber is one of those topics which totally passed me by. I never really heard about him (I guess that's what you get for not caring about what goes on in media much), but suddenly since few weeks all I hear is Justin Bieber EVERYWHERE in the internets. It always is like that, learn about something new and suddenly you hear it all the time although you didn't hear of him all the time before.

    The only thing I heard so far of him is that he comes from Canada, does music and people make fun of his pale skin color (which does not even look that pale to me on the pictures I saw).

    But, yeah, I guess I just missed the point of the thread

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    bieber's gonna hug you up and wear a purple cardigan.

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    The dude should do mop commercials.

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    Now that I looked up more about him, I think his story is cool. He was just a talented kid on youtube, raised by a poor single mother, and taught himself to sing and play like 5 different instruments. He seems to be pretty damn good at defining himself.

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