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Thread: Good Vs. Evil

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    I see good vs evil as constructive vs destructive. I try to be aware of all the levels I am connected to including the personal, family, social, ecosystem, etc. To approach each of these in a constructive manner is what I would call "good" and this is what I try to do. Self-interest alone is short-sighted and tends to be destructive for the individual and everyone they come into contact with.

    I do not believe in punishing people for being "bad" because I think that is a core element of "evil", or more simply put it is destructive in a larger context. Problem solving without judging the intrinsic value of a person is important and should be done when it has a constructive outcome for all involved.

    I find destructive behaviors to be unfortunate, the result of influences, but ultimately idiotic because it requires willful blindness to all but the little shell we call self.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aleksei View Post
    You can have a good society ruled by an evil overlord...
    Can you have an evil society ruled by a good overlady ?
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    It's all in the head I'm afraid. That said, when I see a surfeit of one I always try to do more of the other (according to my own subjective conceptions of both, of course). Yin and Yang make a bit more sense, I think.

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    I have thought about this topic alot and read also much about it by philosophers.

    Without going too much into details, my own worldview today is that, if you consider that the aim of any life form is to maximize biological fitness, then in the long term "good" is simply intelligent behavior that sustains life and "evil" is unintelligent behavior that defeats the purpose of existence.

    Indeed, no matter how you look at it, even if your goal is to be as powerful as possible (an apparently "evil" goal at first), you cannot diminish the health of people below you, or else your power diminishes also. It is in your interest to maximize the health of all people depending on you, so that you are also able to do more things thanks to their superior fitness. What good would it be to have an army at your command if your soldiers are not at their optimal level of health. You wouldn't want to hurt them and you wouldn't want to waste them! A commander that would not care about his soldiers, and would just hurt them for fun or waste them, would simply be stupid.

    Seen this way, true "evil" would simply be stupid and impulsive behavior that would bring you to destroy your own health and that of others - which is illogical. "Evil" would just be another term for "lack of health" or "idiocy". "Evil" would simply be sloppy behavior and an excuse for a lack of conscientiousness in using power.

    Now, if you look at it not in "long term", but in "short term", then there is a twist. Apparently "evil" behavior, such as being tough, pragmatic, uncompromising, disagreeable, can actually be "good" for the system in the long term. Apparently "good" behavior, such as giving, helping others, self-sacrifice, can be detrimental to the system and "evil" (Hell is paved with good intentions).

    In sum, if you look at things tactically, you see that evil/good do not matter really, and you must be able to do both. If you look at things strategically, there really is only good, as steering away from a direction of strategic "good" is like steering away from life.

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    Good vs Evil or Good vs Bad? As you can imagine, they are not mutually exclusive.

    I can categorically come to an acceptable definition, but it takes a certain kind of zeal to say what is evil. In the same way, what is good in contrast to evil is contextually different from Good vs Bad.

    It's not about "serving" an ideal. You cannot serve something that which derives internally. You can only live it. Philosophically, the most primal thing to man is the notion of what is Good and Bad to himself. A thief can convince himself that what he is doing is good (unto himself), but collectively and metaphysically, it may not be rationally favorable. Are we speaking of what is moral or are we speaking of what is primal? If we separate ourselves from trying to find an untouchable definition, we arrive to just simply an idea. And that in itself speaks about what is to be human: to be conscious of what he believes for himself. The real struggle is to find a rational conclusion as to why we ought to believe this certain type of Good and Bad is best for a collective society. Relativism is a reality, not necessarily based on truth but on human proclivities which do not necessarily have to based on critical thought.

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