I can successfully detach in certain scenarios. It's acknowledging that there are potential positive and negative outcomes, but it comes with a sense of neutrality. The bad may happen and, if it does, so be it. The good may happen and, if so, that's jolly good. Over the years, I've just learned to keep my expectations at a reasonable level and detach the positive or negative emotion that could push it to far to one side.

The problem with this is in becoming too detached. Too much detachment can make productivity and desire suffer. Too little detachment can make one suffer if there i an undesirable outcome. Etc. I always echo a need for balance, because balance is key.

The one place I can never find this balance is with relationships. I can only detach so much, before everything begins to form affective bonds again. I'm led to believe that, right now in my life, I am not meant to be able to detach in such ways or beyond certain extents. It's the only place where detachment can leave me just as, or more miserable than, attachment.