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    Quote Originally Posted by entropie
    Are you drunk

    Quote Originally Posted by entropie
    why to you separate the brain's function from brain ?
    I didn't separate the brain's function from the brain. I said, basically, that the brain is consciousness seen from the outside and from a distance. The brain's function is to perceive its environment.
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    I'm just hoping that the people who are bad at philosophy, i.e. Scientists, don't give the moral backing for some stupid political maneuvering like blatant genocide in view of the discount this ill-framed stuff provides.

    Where is the neuro-transmitter make up of a "why". thinking about 'why' (even if it occurs after the neurological pre-cursor events), doesn't dislodge the importance of its essential process, as the source of consciousness and intelligence, even if its portrayed as a show (within the brain) for the whole body to feel in subsequent motions. My opinion is quite an old one: the brain is simply the telephone operator that makes communication between all the bodies tissues possible to a more aggregated degree of pooled attention and shared focus.

    It's not even a new idea... the Egyptians and the Chinese who know about 'chi': for the Egyptians the brain was relatively unimportant, a reservoir of sorts, and originator of nothing. Expecting the source of free will to be discovered in the brain, (which is also a philosophical notion that Science is incapable of registering or describing), is a fudged prejudice inline with the same faulty thinking that believes the nucleus of a cell to be the "brain" of the cell. If you think you don't have free will in your little finger, what makes you think you would find it in your brain instead? Yes without a brain you definitely wouldn't be able to express the free will in the little finger, but the same goes for if you were missing the finger too.

    Science presumes that because they found the biggest component that almost every system in the body is connected through, they found the 'engine' that must contain free will (if they choose to suppose that it can exist). Neuroscience, the perfect balance of ignorance and education, within the carp blanche created by the insipid state of psychology, which is too busy licking the boots of the hard sciences too develop the field into anything that doesn't get the nod from the next crazy headline to come out of the "Neurosciences".


    Yes, you could probably mess with someone's life and experience of choice quite heavily if you found a way to manipulate the brain in some slight chemical/radiological interface, you could mess the someone similarly through drilling holes into his leg, to constrict the motion of his muscles or render him crippled in some exacting fashion, or using microwaves you could trigger physiological responses from the heat and other internal forces... the only difference to the more external and direct interference, is that you aren't DIRECTLY interfering with a person's ability to know his own feelings, those sorts of gross forms of torture only interfere with a person's ability to HAVE feelings.

    to know you have feelings, you need to have a way to know the feeling, and have the feeling.
    ergo, if there was only one human-being who ever lived, neuroscience finding a way to alter brains would be philosophically provocative, but since people can independently register the fact that neuroscience could be used for a subtle form of torture that is applied to a person's capacity to read (or know) his own inner-states, is analogous to surgically disorienting an inner-eye (the eye that looks upon your bodies experiences, to the degrees upon which its direct contacts have contacts to the rest of your anatomy). I am making an example in the darkest terms possible, to make it clear to people who could use these sorts of "Scientific Insights" to treat people as meat-machines in considerations of any policy, be it personal or public.
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    Unconsciousness is our sleep state where our dreams speak to us through thoughts, fears, and desires. Consciousness is our waking state where we process the world in it's entirety... or our perception of it. The brain may be the source... in the physical sense of our limited perceptions. Or it may be a perceived stretch extending beyond this. When we pass on as our machine-like bodies cease to function, melding into the earth. That "consciousness" essence remains to be utilized in a sense. Potential utilizations-

    -It reincarnates to continue an endless recycling of personalities and experiences.

    -We linger as "ghosts" stuck on this existence longing for a world where no longer can experience.

    -We meld into the universe itself as an energy source becoming one and losing our individual consciousness. Oneness. Synthesis.

    The energy of what empowers us is quite an intriguing mystery indeed if we look into potentialities. And what makes us such "individual" creatures as we are.
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