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Thread: Self inventory

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    I suppose i mean taking stock, evaluating what is relevant and not in accordance to your life. Old rituals/rules that one keeps that have no purpose yet you've still held onto them.

    My views though are not set in stone so are open to personal interpretation.

    Please interpret it as you may
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    Do you take inventory on yourself?
    Pretty much constantly. Kind of like a program continually running, but not at a fully conscious level.

    How often is enough?
    The amount I usually do it.

    When is it too much?
    When there is too much new data to inventory and analyze in a short period of time.

    I am basically always evaluating my own actions, and the potential underlying explanations and justifications for them.

    Sometimes I do a more literal inventory, and check to make sure all limbs and digits are attached, because it feels like I might have forgotten them somewhere.
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    - Frederich Nietzsche

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    I frequently take inventory of myself. I believe we need to pick ourselves apart and piece ourselves together at any point where we feel we've grown. A new situation can warrant self-inventory. Etc.
    It becomes too much when you start drowning in what you're taking stock of. If a self-inventory check is hindering you from keeping up with your own life, then it needs to be sped up or put off until a later point. Either that, or getting to the root of the problem within the self-inventory (as it would likely be there).

    Usually, I won't place too many emotions in my examination of self. I'll look at it from an analytical point of view. Why one thing leads to another or how does this aspect of self fit into place, etc.
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    I want to, but I'm having a hard time seeing the point. Every time I've taken so called "inventory" it's been an over-analytical disaster.

    I think Nietszche was on to something with his theories of power: you discover yourself by doing things contrary to what you do now, and seeing if you enjoy them or disdain. By incorporating all of these incites and reactions, only then do you really find out who you are or what you want to be. None of this shit about "justifying" one's actions: most of the time, they're a posteriori anyway. No, much better to decide what you want to do (preferably contrary to what you do now) and take steps to do it.

    I mean, honestly, that's the only thing that defines us in the end: our actions or lack thereof in certain aspects of our life. It's these things that create so-called "value".

    Let's roll with this ball. With the above in mind, what'd make the "best" kind of personal inventory?

    I'd think what I'd do is create a list of qualities that I think I currently posses (evaluated by others for validity). Then, I'd list the opposites of all these qualities, then attempt to employ them consistently for a month, and see what comes of it.

    Basically, skipping the dangers and going straight into the action process. Now THAT'S growth.

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