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Thread: Karma

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    Karma is reassuring for those who suffer by giving them a sense of comfort.
    It's reassuring for those who are living quite comfortably, because it justifies all their fortune. It can even assist someone doing a crime, because they can put the responsibility on fate, and say that if they do wrong, the power that be can decide (plenty of leaders used that shtick).

    So it's nice to believe. I, however, see no evidence that it is true, nor can I think of any explanation for why it would be the case. And since I don't think everybody could agree on exactly what justice is, that makes the existence of karma even more of a conundrum.

    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    It's not difficult to find test cases which disprove this hypothesis.

    So, no. The universe doesn't give a shit about justice.
    Quote Originally Posted by Void View Post
    Really? and you can substantiate this claim?

    How exactly do you want that substantiated?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    ...I, however, see no evidence that it [Karma] is true...
    What kind of person asks if a poem is true?

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    Thanks for all the comments so far .. It's nice to see the different perspectives

    Quote Originally Posted by Gerbah View Post
    From how you worded your post it sounds like your question is more about what suffering means rather than karma? I don't think all suffering signifies guilt. Sometimes a person is a victim.
    Well i suppose suffering can be a result of karma if you believe in it.

    Victim .. Would they only be getting their karma back .. You reap what you sow .. Well according to this book anyway.

    I have no intention of continuing the book .. It from my opinion is trying to clump everything into a box and life isn't that simple. We are complex beings.
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    I think this is part of the reason I dont believe in Karma in an Indian or Asian sense, instead I believe in some of the consequential theorising in the Christian scriptures, ie your sins will find you out, the first shall be last etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by saslou View Post
    I am currently reading The Power of Karma by Mary Browne

    Quote - Karma is justice. It does not punish or reward. We will suffer for the pain we have caused and we will reap from the good we've produced.

    So if each individual is solely responsible for their own karma, be it good or bad how then can it be justified when bad shit happens to good people other than a bloody hard learning curve.

    Children learn from their role models ..If the role model is not an exceptionally good one such as a mother or father (so pretty much stuck with them) Then is this somehow the kids karma.

    I am aware if i put karma into the realm of life paths then it makes more sense but this book (at present) isn't going there so i am curious as to your thoughts on the subject.

    Do you believe in karma?
    I don't believe in karma in the Hindu sense. However I think there is some element of truth to it. Specifically I'd say you can't control everything that happens, but you can control some things. And for those things you can control you have a much better chance of getting good results if you treat people well.
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    If you're a sociopathic serial killer who never gets caught. Are you above karma?

    I mean isn't karma essentially just a conscience?

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    Smile The Poetry Challenged

    It seems odd to me to take Karma literally. After all, there is no evidence for Karma. In fact to seek evidence for Karma is like seeking evidence for a poem. It is something only a philistine would do.

    But of course once we take Karma literally the temptation is to apply deductive logic. And once we apply deductive logic, we then argue about the result. It's like arguing about the number of angels that can dance on the point of a needle.

    It's such an odd and perverse thing to do that it is crying out for a psychological explanation.

    And it's not as though Karma is an isolated instance, for exactly the same process is applied to other parts of the New Age.

    Yet we have a clue. Those who apply deductive logic to poetry and argue about the results, also say they can't understand poetry.

    It's as though they are poetry challenged and the New Age has been invented just for them.

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    I see some truth in the idea of karma. I see that the no1 thing to do karma's work are the social networks. The ways people connect. Let's say you meet two persons, one asshole and one genuinely good person. Which one is more likely to have friends and acquaintances who wish the best to them and would be more likely to help them? This is pretty extreme example, but I think it works like that. People sense what other people are up to, some better than others, but when you take up all the people who have ever met you and count it all up, the negativity or positivity you've given is what will come back to you. Of course it's not exact and sometimes the shithead will win the lottery, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. But, I think that whenever people are involved in making the decision (lottery is luck), the good guys will win a bit more than the bad guys. It is a subtle thing, and there are more to it than just good and bad, but in general I think it works a bit like this...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgan Le Fay View Post
    Yes. Just send me all your money and I'll send you the answer by return.

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    Karma is not justice. Justice implies an observer...because justice is defined by the observer. What i might consider to be justice might seem unjust through the eyes of another. Justice is very relative

    I think of Karma as a machine. impartial. It does not care about humans or anything else in this universe(s). Like newton's third law, it is a machine that calculates and sets in motion actions and reactions.

    Karma is a good replacement for "god" as karma cannot be "bribed" through "prayer" or "confessions". This version of karma is why some Hindu schools of thought claim that there is no god and everything in this universe is equal. Why need a god when you have a perfectly impartial system of justice that is not only immune to all human feelings and failings? (eg: but also transcends the "human centric" worldview most religions have

    Why are humans any more special than a rat? they are an universal scale, does it matter to a supernova if it destroys a planet with humans..or one with rats? it does not. Karma as an impersonal force transcends humanity and any other "ity" or "ism".
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