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    What are your thoughts on euthanasia?

    I believe strongly in what is natural. Beings that doesn't have any hope of living somewhat independently in the first place or in case of severe injury that causes lifelong coma shouldn't be pained with existence, whether they be animals or humans.
    We're all animals, and it just doesn't seem right.
    I sure wouldn't like to live a life of suffering without dignity, whether I was aware of this or not.

    Suicide in general?

    Can be the only road left, sometimes, and it is everyones' right to end ones life.

    Religious reasons? Moral/ethical reasons?

    For opposing euthanasia or suicide? No. I find many reasons for it, however.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I think it's 'or something'.

    And that something is low, reinforced, concrete walls around Government buildings in Canberra, the Capital of Australia.

    And the reinforced, concrete walls are not to stop Anglican suicide bombers in explosive laden trucks, but to stop Muslim suicide bombers in explosive laden trucks.

    And yet Muslim imams in Australia still keep preaching hatred of women and violence towards infidels.

    And no wonder because the literal word of Allah, the Koran, commands Muslims to Jihad and Martyrdom.

    The Australian Imams and the Muslim suicide bombers are only carrying out their religious duty. Meanwhile we live behind concrete walls.
    Bravo for having the most ill-informed, subjective and ignorant comment Victor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kyuuei View Post
    If I get alzheimers like my grandmother.. I want to be medically assisted in my suicide. I wouldn't be myself anymore.. just a shell of a being, running on auto-pilot until I short circuit.

    I'm not and advocate of suicide.. life is the best, and only, possession I truly own. But, if I cannot be myself during it anymore.. than it's not mine anymore either.

    I have a neighbour who is suffering from that disgusting decease and I thought to myself that I would surely commit suicide (medically assisted) if it happens to myself.

    That being said terminally ill patients should also be allowed access to it.

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