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    Default The Connection between Astrology and "Messiahs"

    My friend sent me this video that I thought was incredibly interesting. Not sure I have anything to say about it. In my experience, there is great truth in astrology, but not so much in astrologers. I think that's where people can get skeptical.

    [YOUTUBE=""]Watch this![/YOUTUBE]

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    Quote Originally Posted by SecondBest View Post
    ...there is great truth in astrology...
    If there is great truth in astrology, is there any truth in astronomy?

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    I'm not sure what to say either. I think when it gets really wide-sweeping like here, it is easy to make connections that look plausible, and A and B do probably hang together in some way, but I think it is dangerous to then come to a precise conclusion based on that. For example, I think that yes, there is a connection between pagan symbolism and Christian symbolism, but what that connection means generally, I couldn't say. For example, I know that in Russia Christianity was imposed on the people by the monarch of the time, and it was difficult for people to suddenly switch and let go of the old pagan ways just because they were told to, so the Russian Church compromised and allowed the people to keep some rituals and mixed it up with Christianity so it would be more palatable and acceptable, and this is why certain pagan aspects persist until today in Russian culture alongside Russian Orthodoxy. So that is one particular case.

    As for astrology, I don't know, but I think that everything is connected to everything else, so one thing can be reflected in another thing, but I don't think any person really knows how to read this.
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