I read Tarot cards. I'm with the person who spoke about quantum psychics, as that's my take too. I wouldn't say I'm psychic though. Just extremely intuitive. I've had customers say I'm damned eerie though.(yes, I've done it professionally) Yeah, Yeah I know I'm a scientist as well, but I never do things by the book.
I've seen a few at work...you know the ones who are for real, and the ones who aren't, but I've only ever had two professional readings and both were bunk. (Before I went professional myself).
The freebies I got while working out of my mentors shop were much more accurate, but then every one was selected for true ability. It ain't easy though. You don't connect with every one, and at times, you just don't interpt the cards correctly. And guys, this stuff about cold readings and warm readings....if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it. Half the time I'm not looking at the person, I'm concentrating on my cards. If the psychic is asking questions, that should ring alarm bells big time. I get the vibe and I'm off.
P.S. if a psychic claims 100% accuracy, they are lying, big time.