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    Quote Originally Posted by Kangol View Post
    To the OP and possibly everyone else, go read Flatland. If you can't afford a few bucks for a copy,

    Thus, please read Flatland. While it may not answer your question, if you find such questions entertaining, you will surely find the book equally so.
    Damn, you beat me to it with your suggestion. I'd go for a plain text version like this that doesn't take forever to load though: Flatland: A romance of many dimensions

    I think this was intended originally as Victorian social satire by way of allegory, but it just happens also to be about the most accessible and informative treatment in existence of the problem of different spatial dimensions and how one might be percieved from within another. Tater, you seem a bit constrained in your thinking by the possibilities of our own, by the way, just thought I'd point out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Into It View Post
    I maintain that a spatial value of '0' implies nonexistence, period.

    If it does in fact imply non-existence, then the statement,

    S1: "a zero-th dimension object could possibly exist"

    would be logically impossible, and S1 would be necessarily false in the same sense that the existence of square-circles is necessarily impossible.

    But even if you could prove that S1 implies a logical impossibility, (and please do try, that proof would rock my world), you'd still need to bridge the gap between the impossibility of a zero-th dimensional object and the impossibility of a one-dimensional object.

    Upon re-reading the OP, my thought is that you assume that space is necessarily three dimensional. Perhaps you should start with trying to prove why that is not an arbitrary assumption?
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    I think it has been touched upon already, but the real world doesn't necessarily have dimensions (It may, but we may never know it).

    Our mathematical conceptions of the real world are what has dimensions. Our conceptions can be two dimensional (like the system on latitude and longitude, or the tracking of one time dimension on only one spatial dimension).

    Also, we have have two dimensional objects, like a surface, in higher dimensional conceptions.

    Also, a "point" is the canonical 0-dimensional object embedded in higher dimensional space.

    The null-spaces of various vector spaces are often just points.

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