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    Smile Scarcity and Plenty

    I am moving from scarcity to plenty, but I keep the old habits an scarcity and am slowly learning the new habits of plenty.

    For instance in scarcity I had few friends and so operated under the rubric of, "nothing human is foreign to me". Friends were scarce and one needed to husband them.

    But today I have fifty-five friends on this site alone. And of the fifty-five, I have only asked one to be my friend. The rest came unbidden, like manna from heaven.

    I have plenty of friends. So rather than husband them, I can be profligate. I can let go friend after friend and still have plenty of friends.

    In other words in a state of plenty, I need to learn to discriminate.

    I have no need to go looking for friends, they arrive by themselves every day. So I need to suss them out and decide whether to keep them or put them in the Ignore basket.

    At the present moment I am so rich in friends I can afford to keep thirty-three in the Ignore basket.

    When I lived in the mindset of scarcity, I worried when I was attacked ad hominem because it meant I could lose a friend.

    But now in my mindset of plenty, I put all the ad hominems into the Ignore basket without a second thought.

    Under scarcity I thought nothing human is foreign to me, and under plenty I find there much that is foreign to me, and it goes into the Ignore basket.

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    Thumbs down Ignorance

    Ignore is the root of ignorance.

    There are two kinds of ignorance:

    Willful ignorance and involuntary ignorance.

    Blocking someone on the internet is one form of willful ignorance. Many people don't have the luxury of exercising very much willful ignorance because they are involuntarily ignorant. The opportunity of learning never presented itself to them because they never had the resources.

    So when I'm offered foreign information, I at least make an attempt to eat as much as possible. I do this because I know someone in a foreign situation doesn't have the familiar accommodations I do. You could say that I eat it to embrace outlandishness and acquire a taste.

    Eventually, you realize that, while all tastes may be unique, they all have the common denominator of being tastes. Knowing this is what unites people, diminishes their ignorance, and strengthens their empathy for others.

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