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    Smile Shaping words.

    Quote Originally Posted by Victor View Post
    I have a life project. I can't say what it is because it is a shape. I can feel the shape but am scared to put it into words because I know others think in words rather than shapes.

    I look forward to realising my life project because then I will revel in shapes, and indeed I may become a shape-changer. I breathe freely when I say this and I can feel my fingertips tingle.

    My fingertips tingle as I approach the shape, but I hold my breath. And that is as far as I have got so far.
    I can though turn off the words in my mind and become aware only of shape. I find this a bit scary as I normally use words to negotiate the world. Nonetheless it is delightful and highly pleasurable experience to be aware for a while only of shape. It's as though the shapes flow through me, through my eyes, through my fingertips, even through my feet. It's as though I am becoming the shapes around me, and the shapes are becoming me.

    I am so pleased by shape I want to respond in shape itself. I can do this in dance where I dance to the shapes around me. I can mirror the shapes or dance in counter-point, and finally enter into a conversation with all the delicious shapes around me.

    But all the time I am in the world of shape, I am aware there is a world of words. But even words can be shaped into poetry.

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    I think I was made to learn, eternal student. Then, impose my knowledge on others, teacher.

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    I don't feel I have a special, inherent purpose or that anyone else does really. I'm just here, like my parents and their parents before them. Links in a chain. Being alive is absolutely wonderful and that's enough. (In fact, thinking or needing something more than what is already that incredible is strange to me. And kind of life-denying.)

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    Being a practicing Buddhist, mine is to attain Nirvana. If not in this life maybe in another, but I am going to try in this life so that maybe in another I would actually do so. (We believe in reincarnation.) Atleast I do.

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    I was born to live and then die and maybe inbetween eat a nice piece of pie.

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    My purpose is simply to experience. See, feel, touch, taste, hear, do, learn.
    I love the quote, "Judge if you want. We're all going to die. I intend to deserve it."
    I got my smile from the sunshine,
    I got my tears from the rain.
    I learned to dance when I saw a tiger prance,
    And a peacock taught me to be vain.
    A little owl in a tree so high,
    He taught me how to wink my eye.
    I learned to bill and coo from a turtledove,
    And a grizzly bear taught me how to hug.
    But the guy that lived two caves from me,
    He taught me how to love.

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