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    Quote Originally Posted by Sytpg View Post

    Redbone: I find that quite impossible. No expectation, means no visualization...I can't reality what I want it to be....and I'm a slave to reality. Talk about tragic existence....
    I didn't explain it well. I think he meant in the sense that expecting a certain outcome especially when past experience shows that it most likely will not go that way is a common trigger for anger.

    Example: There was a truck driver in the film that was subject to road rage. He ranted and raved about the drivers out on the road...finally the guy asked him, "Why do you expect these drivers to do right? You see this everyday--why should it be any different than what it is?" Guy was like, "I don't know--it just ought to be. They should drive like they have sense and I get mad when they don't." He was told his anger came from his expectations and not what was based in reality.

    I can see what the guy was saying but still...I don't necessarily agree with it all.

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    It's kind of hard to say what branch of philosophy works best with happiness...because ultimately, happiness is subjective. Some people won't be happy until they can reduce everything until they can't be reduced anymore. Then what's next? Nothing. Emptiness. A void. Some people won't be happy until they have an answer for all of their questions...and some answers can be very disappointing. Others may just want a code to go and live their life by. But that's all unimportant.

    Happiness is way too personal to tie into such a broad topic. There is no one branch of philosophy that I know of which is one size fits all.
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    For me... it was the idea that I can only control the positive aspects of my life. That the negative stuff will indeed happen, and occasionally be thrown in my face. So I figured that focussing on it any more than is required to learn from and deal with it is... counterintuitive. For me, that is.

    Also, being fully present in my own life when good and pleasurable things happen... leaving my shite at the door when I get home, might be one way to put it, though slightly inelegant in wording.

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