What's views and opinions on this? If you can put up with some of Kolakowski's writing habits that is (I skipped some of the philosophical utopian discussion before the social utopias, I think he labours a point, repeats it only to start over on it again) I think its an interesting essay.

I would support his central point that we live between pure utopianism and pure skepticism but I think despite the title of the essay he argues most strongly against utopianism, particularly the ideas of fraternity and equality.

There are some points I woud take exception to, I think he underestimates, as most authors with the conservative tendency do, the informal society and fraternity that exists while they attack the formal or institutionalisation of the same, underestimates the extent to which universal sentiments can reign where no injury or insult is given, and his points against egalitarianism are, typically, vastly over stated.

I think those things by extrapolating from my own experience, perception and thinking, not that I would suggest its a basis for what everyone feels or thinks but that since its not in keeping with his thesis it, equally, cant be universally valid either.