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You so entirely off base, it's rather comical! Can you specify what works of NDE mentioned in *this* thread are modeled after christian ambition? Furthermore, believing in an intelligent design DOES NOT make you a "creationist" as this word has been referred to (for almost a decade now) as indicative of christian fundamentalism. You couldn't be farther from the truth Helios, for I now and always have considered Jesus Christ nothing more than a charismatic man with neat ideas.
I'm talking about NDE's generally, not any directly related to this thread.

I didn't say or suggest that creationism and intelligent design are synonymous, though they likely are anyway.

I'm far from the truth because I don't subscribe to your chosen brand of nonsense?

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Why are you so attacking as if you've been personally assaulted here?
I don't agree that I'm being "attacking". This is called being critical. As hard as it may be for you to believe, you can disagree with people-and you don't even have to be apologetically deferent when you do!

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I'm not sure how many real life people you've spoken to, but believe it or not, people can spend money on whatever they want to, and believe whatever they want to. The "" face doesn't change people's minds easily.
I didn't say that people can't spend their money on this stuff.

I didn't say that people can't believe in it, either.

I didn't say or suggest that I was trying to change anyone's mind. Do you really think I care what a stranger across the internet believes?