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    You guys are all idiots.

    2 + 2 = 22

    (lolz is this thread for real?)

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    Quote Originally Posted by teslashock View Post
    You guys are all idiots.

    2 + 2 = 22

    (lolz is this thread for real?)

    Its all dependent on what type of object we are talking about. 2 without quotatoin marks is automatically cast to an int type not a string.

    I ran through this same thing with my son when he would ask me what 5 and 5 is. Of course when I asked him what "and" means he got all confused and I wasnt able to explain good enough for him to comprehend at that age addition vs concatentation. Not to mention the logical use of the word "and".

    Its what happens when someone is learning addition at the same time they are learning to recognize numbers that contain 2 digits. What is 2 and 2, well use your fingers...1..2..3..4 So 2 and 2 is 4, yes, so 22 is the same thing as 4?

    Then the future complications kick in 22 and 22 is 8(depends) or 4 and 4 is 44(which that one actually makes sense) so 4 can be 22, but 22 may not be 4. So 22 is actually the same thing as 4 when we shift contexts and then shift back.

    edit: for this to make sense we must assume that "and = and" which can lead to "addition = concatenation" which in some cases could be true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by poki View Post
    I dont study the relationship between logic and speech. I study the speech itself and the logistics within the speech. This is how I listen and understand. What I do goes beyond if X then Y, or If not A then not B. Its not mathematical logic. I dont study logic, I practice logic.
    Certainly a lot can be picked up from speach beyond what can easily be placed in formal logic. But I believe that eventually, we will be able to put all of that into code (the formal logic otherwise known as software).

    But I get what you are saying. It is more of an instinctual grasp of the logic of the situation. That's how I opperate too. However, I have been trained to fairly readily translate that instinctual grasp into formal terms.

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