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    Quote Originally Posted by ragashree View Post
    I think it's better treated as process than outcome. At any given moment you may be engaging in a self-actualising process; I think the ability to actually do so is more something to aspire to than some kind of projected "self actualised" state where all is perfect and rosy forever. Life itself isn't static; a final fixed cognitive state implies the inability to further adapt and make the most of each changing moment and experience as it happens, which itself is contrary to the concept of self-actualisation.
    Yeah I agree. I think also as we grow our potential increases. As we move toward fulfilling our potential, it expands. Growth opens the way for further growth. That has been my experience, though I'm only 26. Perhaps when you're 56 or 76, it's a lot different... or maybe it's only somewhat different and a lot the same.
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    Quote Originally Posted by foolish heart View Post
    ...society is a collection of individuals...
    We make society and society makes us.

    So to give too much weight to the individual or too much weight to society, unmakes us all.

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    But of course self-actualisation is based on Maslov's hierarchy of needs, with self-actualisation at the top.

    But Maslov's hierarchy of needs is a crock as we can see by reductio ad absurdum by saying that Jesus attended to his basic needs first before He self-actualised on the Cross.

    This is not only insulting but entirely misunderstands the cultural meaning of the Cross.

    Can you imagine Jesus attending to his basic needs first for thirty years before he self-actualised? It's the sheerest nonsense, just as Maslov's hierarchy of needs are the sheerest nonsense, as is self-actualisation.

    Just look at it - 'self-actualisation' is a bureaucratic word to disguise blind narcissism.

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