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    Everything must be pleasurable, even things that are "good for the long term", because otherwise they cannot be sustained as ingrained behaviors (at least, this is true for myself).
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    Pleasure... hm. Make your own. Find it in anything. Doesn't have to be having sex or going on a rollercoaster or eating chocolate. It can be giving, helping, loving and being loved. But pursuing those too obsessively can have just as bad results as pursuing, say, cake.
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    I will help you if I can" - Leonard Cohen

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    Pleasure is something normal, as long as you don't submit to it.

    I mean, I won't damn myself for pleasure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wedekit View Post
    Eating an absolutely delicious piece of cake will make you happy that day, but a year later you probably won't even remember eating it.
    Clearly you have never experienced Bruce Bogtrotter's Cake the recipe for which you'll find in Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes.

    If you spend your life achieving personal excellence, contemplation, and friendship, then nothing can ever take that happiness and pleasure away from you. The pleasure and happiness you receive from it will forever be embedded in your soul. That in itself is a pleasure worth pursuing.
    Can you explain from a personal point of view how contemplation has given you happiness and pleasure? (Don't worry about personal excellence and friendship; I understand how they provide said wonders.)

    Indulging (gluttony) in it is a different story.
    But that's not really pleasure is it? That's an addiction. And addiction isn't pleasure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Poriferan View Post
    I do value logic very highly, I just think humanity's level of logic is over-estimated, and that of other animals is under-estimated.
    I'm inclined to agree.

    Quote Originally Posted by sassafrassquatch View Post
    I'm surprised an ISTJ would respond to personal excellence in such a way.

    Quote Originally Posted by machintruc View Post
    Pleasure is something normal, as long as you don't submit to it.
    When you experience something pleasureable, you are submitting to pleasure. Besides, what's wrong with submitting to pleasure?

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