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    Default Spiritual holidays?

    What's your attitude to spiritual holidays? Do you respect those of your own culture and that of others even if you dont idenify with them? Do you think there should be more or less of them?

    Perhaps you choose to work during them or perhaps you insist in having them off work, perhaps you go all out with decorations and other trappings or perhaps you deliberately dont.

    If you felt that you didnt feel strongly or purposely disdained these days would you casually say so?

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    I've never been religious or spiritual. The major ones that are celebrated are special to me but not because of the religion or spirituality or the manic consumerism that seems to go along with them (), it's more about enjoying the nostalgia and remembering my childhood when the celebration (again, not religious) meant staying home and having family time and good food and mostly I feel a sense of warmth because of that.

    I have utmost respect towards people who feel like celebrating a certain holiday has some personal significance to them and people close to them no matter what their personal beliefs are. However, I do have some reservation towards people who only seem to keep up appearances without having much of a personal investment in the holidays. This means going to church especially because of the holiday and pretending to care while the rest of the year is nothing but indifference. I really don't understand such a behaviour but if it's something they feel they must do, then so be it.

    I think there's plenty of spiritual holidays around but since I'm not really personally affected by them that much when it comes to spirituality, I can't really be the judge of that. If creating more of them would mean free days off, then who am I to argue.
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    If a friend asks me to participate in his or her favorite holiday, I do oblige.

    Though non-religious myself, I quite readily see the non-spiritual significance of such days.

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    I know this is going to sound like another overly emo-response of mine..

    I thoroughly enjoy spiritual holidays (maybe not the ones that target consumerism so much ). I don't mind spending time with family on X-mas. Brings me back to caroling in church Christmas Eve with my cousins.. Like Sky said, it brings back a sense of nostalgia. I feel like a kid again.

    I love the significance in learning about culture and it's anthropological roots/significance. It's beautiful.. especially when there's a story behind it that seems so mythical/magical. Something about learning about a person's origins/background intrigues me.

    I'd gladly take on the opportunity to experience/celebrate. (Maybe not on weekends tho- I can't stand stroller traffic). Weekdays preferably. lol

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