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    Religion feels inconsistent, fragmentalistic as a UNIVERSAL construct to spiritual freedom. Isn't GOD a MALE construct. As a MAN made GOD then, it is not about what you can do for GOD, but what GOD, cough, can do for YOU! How many books of the Bible are written from female points of views. Is it just me or is the entire spectrum of religious affiliation misguided somewhat. Perhaps its just me, but isn't this supposed to be about the SELF.

    You know, its all very well and good to have a healthy belief in something. Its a universal aspect to our spirituality, to want to grow, express and look towards significant events to fill that void, that state of empty that belief systems tend to promise. Perhaps its so entrenched that people forget that the greatest BELIEF is to believe in YOURSELF NOT ANOTHER IMAGE that is a reflection of somebody elses personification and manifestation that is unlikely to be esteem and confidence building. For then you become reliant on a religious or spiritual discourse without a true boost to your confidence. How can that be possible if YOU give your power away to a FAITH, a BELIEF like that, are you then going to say you have confidence in RELIGION? I dunno, why not rebuild the TEMPLE of YOURSELF over ENTRUSTING YOUR CORE BELIEFS to biased literature and human interpretation hence GOD?

    Besides how can religion be unbiased with such MORTAL views as HEAVEN and HELL, almost like cowing people into a false sense of fear or security that the AFTERLIFE is about reward and punishment, black and white thinking which sounds FALSE...why not a gestation period for the human experience in a living, breathing, thinking, emotional world. WHO brings SIN into this...THE DEVIL...GOD...why are there such limited interpretations? Well anyway there are too many holes, when there are too many holes, then the ship can't stay afloat unless its GODLY...apparently.

    But then again BELIEF is a funny thing, we all want to believe in something so desperately that maybe blinding ourselves and accepting certain IDEALS is perfectly natural.

    Then again I wouldn't know, maybe its just easier to believe in something to gain a sense of security in a world that offers hurt and pain when love and respect seem out of reach. One of those technical effects on the mind, like feeling good after rigorous fitness where you feel on top of the world. And just like working out your muscles, you gotta work out your spiritual, emotional and intellectual curiosity to keep healthy and distracted by something, to scratch that itch of EMPTY, fill that VOID of LONELY. Certainly its much simpler for people to believe there is SOMETHING OUT THERE ROOTING for our existence or ROOTING AGAINST our existence. Does it makes sense that this wasn't the bees knees throughout HUMAN history. And when was whats up with GOD, JESUS, ALLAH, ELOWYN, YEWAH etc...sounds totally masculine role models for EVERYONE! Where is the magnetic north and south, why are the polarities lopsided, is it INTELLIGENT DESIGN...EVOLUTION....MORE!

    Sorry if that offends anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    oh no... if he's an INTJ all the penis jokes I've told have definitley guarenteed my damnation!
    I guess you now know to start negociating terms with whoever runs the place where people go if they were damned .
    This post grammatical errors had been intentionally left uncorrected.

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    Quote Originally Posted by whatever View Post
    What sort of sick bastard of a deity would do that to a person?
    Yourself? You're the world, and we are your guests. Just like "God". If you find a safe spot inside, you no longer need one outside. Feel free to kick him out if you feel strong enough.

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